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Anti-fracking activists protest outside New Matamoras business

February 20, 2013

NEW MATAMORAS—Ten people were arrested during a Tuesday anti-fracking protest at a New Matamoras business, including a man who spent nearly five hours chained to a 30-foot-tall structure he erected......

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Feb-24-13 11:06 PM

Smokemifyagotem: Health issues are the next step in this process, that's why you have local attorneys salivating waiting for the fallout before they do anything. Your buddy Jeff Harper and John "not so bright" Kiger of Central Environmental Services are dumping their Brine sludge in Washing ton County. When the health issues begin to develop these two quick buck artist will be nowhere to be found, and we the tax payers will be stuck with the clean up bill.

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Feb-21-13 8:23 PM

The protesters in Ohio should come and protest at CES Central Environmental Services in Lubeck, WV. Afterall CES is dumping their sludge into Washington County.

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Feb-21-13 11:35 AM

I kinda like the idea of chaining them to the fence so they can make their point. It might take as long as a month. These kids don't have enough to do.

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Feb-20-13 9:20 PM

Was Wayne Dunn there to protest?

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Feb-20-13 4:56 PM

Although I agree with the anti-fracking protesters point of view,their forceful demonstrations should be dealt with by heavy fines as well as incarceration. Peaceful protests folks will achieve positive results!!!

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Feb-20-13 3:46 PM

Thevoiceofreason- That is certainly a horrible realization isn't it. Frack waste is being dumped into our land in injection wells that are not contructed for toxic waste. They are not monitored for leaks. No groundwater testing by ODNR. Period. You have toxic frack waste being stored in your back yard from PA & WV to be dumped into injection wells in OH. OHIO a dumping ground for toxic waste.

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Feb-20-13 3:04 PM

Oneearthforever - There are other products locally transported in trucks, railcars, and barges that is exceedingly more hazardous than this stuff.

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Feb-20-13 1:13 PM

The waste is highly radioactive and toxic. It is deemed "non hazardous" only because the Halliburton loophole declares it legally exempt from hazardous waste designation and other federal regulations( Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act and others). The waste dumped into the Mahoning has been tested and found in fact to be highly hazardous. The waste is 3,000 x federal drinking water standards for radioactivity and 300x federal standards for industrial discharge. This stuff is dangerous guys!

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Feb-20-13 11:23 AM

i agree with how most of you all commenting seem to feel - this is absolutely ridiculous.. especially considering these idiots aren't even from around here

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Feb-20-13 10:47 AM

Gorilla, after they chain them to the fence, they might want to turn some sprinklers on and water the lawn.

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Feb-20-13 10:22 AM

Just got a report that a few of these tree-huggers trashed a hotel in Marietta overnight and two were arrested there. Fact. So much for the peace loving left whacko's

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Feb-20-13 9:32 AM

canniballoe; The sheriff should chain the tree-huggers to the fence, then go about doing their daily responsibilties. Let the idiots protest as long as they want about "fracking" and how cold it is chained to a fence in New Matamoras in February.

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Feb-20-13 8:42 AM

Un-informed tree huggers, imagine that.

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Feb-20-13 7:13 AM

out of state tree-huggers go home! DRILL BABY DRILL

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Feb-20-13 1:04 AM

The sheriff's office will continue to keep a presence at the New Matamoras facility for "quite some time," said Warden.

who foots the bill for this?

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