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Prison glut and public safety

February 18, 2013

Joe DeLong, who runs West Virginia’s network of regional jails, understands full well that a simple idea to reduce overcrowding there and at state prisons falls squarely into the “devil’s in the......

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Feb-18-13 3:06 PM

In P-burg, if the cops don't like someone, they will be arrested over and over and over again. They gang up to mete out vengence; it certainly can't be called justice/

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Feb-18-13 9:51 PM

200 million dollars to build a prison and 30 million dollars a year to run it=A bunch of hogwash and tommyrot.Prison is not suppose to be a day care center for adults--it's suppose to be a near inhuman,miserable place that those who experience it,will never want to visit a second time!!!

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Feb-19-13 5:22 AM

namvet, Brother I agree with you 100%. Prisons should be made as bleak as possible. No weights,law offices,no recroooms. Just a cell and 4 walls. Phoenix, You couldn't be more WRONG.Untill you put your life on the line every day you have no clue.There is still to much trash running the streets everyday. God bless the police department for what they do.

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Feb-20-13 10:28 AM

I also agree, namvet. I think the sheriff out in the Phoenix, AZ, area has the right idea. Put them on chain gangs, and get some work done!! I love that he houses them in tents in the desert, and makes them wear pink! Too funny!!

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Feb-20-13 1:08 PM

Maybe we should hire some jailers from Hanoi ;-\

Can't agree w/ taking out the law libraries & opportunity to research appeal. Much of that is ********, of course -- but there is no question that some who are locked up weren't guilty & deserve the chance to get the case re-opened.

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Feb-21-13 9:37 AM

Many years ago, while in college, I was selected with a group to visit Moundsville prison. I was so taken back to see all the material things they had in their cells. I mean TV's, drapes, accross the bars for their privacy, carpeting on their cell floors, the lists go on and on. When bringing this up at last in a meeting with officials, I was told prisoners are punished by taken off the streets, loss of freedom. Thats it! I'm sure this wasn't for the whole prison population, but what I saw, really shocked me. Some of these prisoners were in for life. Now I ask you, what person who has nothing going for them, would not like living in that situation. I do not believe their family provided this stuff for them. I believe that is why it cost so much to run a prison, and guess who pays for it? Say what you want, but seeing is believing!

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Feb-21-13 11:00 AM

Agreed that Sheriff what's his name in Maricopa County Arizona has the right idea. Tents wouldn't really work in this particular climate (winter), but barracks similar to what was used for military troops in the past would work just fine. Put a fence around them with a few guard towers, and that's about it.

Anyone ever see Prison Break? How about the prison in Panama? Something like that would work.

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