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Kennedy discusses C8 issue

February 14, 2013

PARKERSBURG — A discussion on C8 exposure and its place as a national environmental issue took place Wednesday at the Blennerhassett School auditoriu....

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Feb-16-13 9:01 PM

tO fun fun: I agree all day long with what you are saying, the problem is that we live in a society where some of the public in our local area are as bad as the lawyers, they view this as a "money grab" and they have no idea if DuPont caused their ailment or ache, they just want their money. I thank God often that I have never had to work in a plant, I don't think I would survive two days with the mentality ( egos)of a DuPonter. They seem to be money grubbing people that don't have the ability to manage two pigs in a pen. Just Say'n...

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Feb-16-13 8:55 PM

To fun fun: I did not use profanity, I typed in Diink I.T. without one of the "i" and the *** came up. No profanity intended...

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Feb-16-13 11:24 AM

To fun fun: Who cares about a*****newspapers "I.T. guy" tapping into someones I.P address, You don't think we the people don't know that happens. Case in point: What's done is done. Dietzlers getting the money for himself and everyone else involved. DuPont is going nowhere,W e need those DuPont people to help pay and keep our taxes down. Fun fun, maybe that will help you tolerate them. What we need is the get the Dietles and Kennedy's to step up to the plate and stop the dumping of the Brine sludge into our area. Remember Washinton Count starts north of us and river flows through all our local communities.

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Feb-15-13 6:53 PM

good points made, Observant.

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Feb-15-13 6:48 PM

To: pkrsbrgh: Please reread my previous statement. I don't care if Deitzler makes a Gazillion Dollars, more power to him.I am simply saying that I would like to see him do some humanitarian work for our community while it can be saved. Stop the dumping of the Brine Sludge into Washington County. We need to protect this environment, I happen to like living in this area and don't appreciate a couple of quick buck artist From Central Environmental Services like Jeff Harper and John Kiger screw it up.

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Feb-15-13 5:49 PM

sorry if coming off condescending to you. however, I cannot tolerate ignorance, nor people playing to other's ignorance for their advantage/agenda.

bottom line is you made a purposefully misleading statement.

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Feb-15-13 4:49 PM

OK genius. I looked it up:

Definition of PROBABLE 1 : supported by evidence strong enough to establish presumption but not proof <a probable hypothesis> 2 : establishing a probability <probable evidence> 3 : likely to be or become true or real <probable outcome> See probable defined for English-language learners » See probable defined for kids » Examples of PROBABLE

It is probable that life exists outside of our planet.


man,I hate condescending people

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Feb-15-13 4:19 PM

yeahhh, so you are still saying forget about the c8 issue because some lawyer already made millions??

makes a whole lot of sense.

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Feb-15-13 2:52 PM

To PBRSBGH: Absolutely not, what I am suggesting is that Dietzler and Company have already made Millions on this, now they are going after the cream. Give it a break, go after something that is "Insidious" Brine Water. Read the article in todays paper about the dumping into the Muskingum River. This is a serious situation unfolding. Did Dietzler say that DuPont knew they were dumping this into the river?And that it is wrong? Well,Dietzlers friend Joh Kiger is dumping his sludge Brine Water into the ground in Washington County. Dietzler knows that is bad.....Right?

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Feb-15-13 12:34 PM

Observant: so you are saying the we should just forget about the c8 issue?

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Feb-15-13 12:04 PM

To Eluderino: No English lesson intended. I am simply suggesting that we hav beat the C-8 issue to death, give it a break. We need to focus on the Pollutants that Jeff Harper and John Kiger of Central Environmental Srvice are putting into the ground primarily in Washington County. If you follow the Parkersburg News you will have read a story in todays paper about the Knucklehead that spilled 800,000 gallons of their "Brine Water" into Muskingum River 3 year ago. Please see the side effects from one of the chemicals in the "Brine".

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Feb-15-13 11:21 AM

Dude, there is such a thing as pro bono work. Good lawyers are expected by their culture to spend part of their working hours working for free for worthy causes. Not saying whether this should have been pro bono or not; just that a lot of lawyers would be offended at the suggestion that their pro bono work is not up to standards -- & a lot of those would be right.

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Feb-15-13 10:45 AM

Oh and I do not know about you guys but I don't work for free, but if you guys find a lawyer that does please send them my way, you no what on second thought don't because their probably not that good.

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Feb-15-13 10:40 AM

Thank you "Observant" for the English lesson, I now know what insidious means. Um anyway can you do us all of favor and maybe stay on topic. Here I'll catch you up to speed. See Dupont released perfluorooctanoic acid into a navigable waterway of the United States and that is illegal. That is why people are getting fairly compensated for exposure to C8. It is actually pretty cut and dry, if Dupont wouldn't have discharged C8 in the first place than there would be no problem, but they did.

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Feb-15-13 7:35 AM

and viennawva: these lawyers have made millions doing what they do - their job. are you against this form of capitalism or something? i doubt it.

if there was an injustice, i do not care who represents this area.

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Feb-15-13 7:31 AM

canniballoe: you astound me. what an ignorant claim to make. do you know what the term probable means?

"likely to happen"

so, by your substitution claim, if you play the lotto... then you are likely to win???

words have meanings my friend, look them up once in a while.

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Feb-15-13 3:02 AM

But, to be clear, if our waters are polluted with C8, and the panel made those findings, then this action should be taken. They don't get a free pass. Especially since it looks like they knew, and for a long time, they knew. And people down there punching the time clock knew. Neighbors, pish.

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Feb-15-13 2:58 AM

I can tell you with 101% certainty, himself turned someone down because A) the victim wasn't killed and B)victim's income was below $100k per year. Words from HIS mouth. But that is standard operating procedure here in the valley. He's not alone.

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Feb-14-13 11:15 PM

and good luck getting these moral high ground attornies to do it for the good of the community...they have fancy homes and lifestyles to pay for.

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Feb-14-13 11:14 PM

For any of you folks out there that really believes Dietzler and Kennedy are doing this for the betterment of our area-GET A LIFE. Both of these ambulance chasers have made millions off suing businesses. I doubt either of them give a rats _ _ _ about you or your health. It is as simple as lining their pockets. And for the people that have signed up to sue dupont-you too need to get a life. Instead of working hard to make something of yourself in this country...people opt to take the lazy route and try and get something for nothing. I was my understanding that no conclusion to 100% could be made linking c8 to any diease. Could it be the fact that some of these folks are overweight, have family history, etc. that has caused the illness. Stop looking for a get rich scheme and make it for yourself.

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Feb-14-13 11:07 PM

BakerKat, for humans there's also teflon flu from breathing those fumes.

"Polymer fume fever or fluoropolymer fever, also informally called Teflon flu, is an inhalation fever caused by the fumes released when Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE, known under the trade name Teflon) is heated to between 300 °C and 450 °C. When PTFE is heated above 450 °C the pyrolysis products are different and inhalation may cause acute lung injury. Symptoms are flu-like (chills, headaches and fevers) with chest tightness and mild cough. Onset occurs about 4 to 8 hours after exposure to the pyrolysis products of PTFE."

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Feb-14-13 9:09 PM

I personally think most lawyers are cockroaches. But what else can people do when they are injured? Don't blame the victims - blame the greedy lawyers. That said, if people have been damaged they have the right to be made whole, either physically or monetarily. Did you notice how you weren't ever supposed to use your teflon pans on high heat? Said it would destroy the finish - what it also did was put chemicals in the air. So . . . if you had a canary in your kitchen, heat on high, the fumes would kill the canary. Not making this up. So years of cooking in these pans and breathing that junk is good for people when it kills birds? That is just breathing it, not counting drinking it which has to be way worse.

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Feb-14-13 8:24 PM

I would only be impressed if these attorneys worked for free,otherwise their phony attempt to gain the "moral"high ground should fail.Otherwise this is just a transfer of c-8 blood money from one vulture to other vultures while victims get screwed.Don't paint yourselves as historic crusaders against evil when what you're really seeking is a big fat payday

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Feb-14-13 7:24 PM

Last I heard, was that the "science" panel came to the CONCLUSION that there was a PROBABLE risk..Now,would it be safe to say that I'll PROBABLY win the lottery,just because I play it? I sure hope..

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Feb-14-13 5:27 PM

FunFun, you "were" once employed by DuPont, correct?

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