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Wood BOE to consider teacher’s suspension

Eddy expected to be hired as South football coach

February 12, 2013

PARKERSBURG —Members of the Wood County Board of Education will vote this evening on the suspension of a Parkersburg High School teacher....

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Feb-13-13 11:53 AM

That's why it's termed "birth defect" by the books. I don't write or translate,just read and comprehend,can you say the same?

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Feb-13-13 6:35 AM

You know what, keep calling it as you see it Aaron L, stupid is as stupid does, you are a pathetic human being, and I hope you were not stupid enough to actually put your real name on here and potentially become a target by someone you might make mad by your stupid uneducated comments because it takes like 15 seconds to find out the location of somebody these days. I try to live life with a different view, mine I try to live by the golden rule as much as I can. Treat others as you would like to be treated, and before you say something stupid this post is directed toward all the stupid posts from all given articles, not just this one.

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Feb-13-13 1:45 AM

ITISTOOLATE,Since you decided to give me an honorable mention when I have yet to say a word here,I'll put it to you this way;I call it as I see it,not out to win cash,prizes or a new car here, OTHER than some and since the board upholding the suspension,to me it further paves the way for bring on the clowns (Lawyers).

This seems to be a pattern of parents with defective units,wanting the Earth to reverse its rotation to accommodate "MY KID",since that's the only one who exists in their eyes. I just LOVED reading all of the testimony and watching the video of the incident that should have never been:::Oh,that's right,there was NONE. You mayhaps ought to read the article in this rag of how much this goes on in Ohio's schools with complete isolation.My opinion of Mack went down the tubes when she advocated throwing people from ER beds if "MY KIDS" needed one.Bet you missed that one,didn't you,or were you out poisoning stray cats?

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Feb-13-13 12:17 AM

She was suspended, and she deserved to be suspended. Period. She showed poor judgement and was in violation of the Code of Conduct that states students will have an environment free of harassment and humiliation (at the least). She demonstrated less maturity than the teenagers sitting in her class who if had been involved in such a stunt would face consequences themselves, so why should she be any different?! Maybe next time a child is tapping their pencil (cause that's EXACTLY what he was doing!) she will think twice before she pulls another stupid stunt -and then lies about it when questioned.

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Feb-12-13 9:15 PM

Hey Jane and Aaron, just thought I would let you know, you really show your stupidity with your comments of collusion and Mack.

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Feb-12-13 7:25 PM

Mack76, thanks for explaining you're last comments. You sound like a very responsible parent, one who takes not only interest in their child, but takes the time to insure understanding on both sides. I hope I didn't come accross as being down on these children, as they deserve the best they can be given also. I just don't feel that in a regular class they get the attention they really need. One of my children was tested with a social problem. I spent many days going to the school and working with the teachers. I had my child put in special ed's class so as to give more attention to what was needed. The teachers were so good in co-operation. Needless to say, my child advanced, graduated and is today a productive citizen, its just a matter of understanding and co-operating. I realize I've been very blessed with my family, but one never knows what tomorrow will bring. I hope my children have learned patience, understanding, and that co-operation is beneficial.

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Feb-12-13 7:08 PM

Hey Mack76 are you still doing Beth Dean's dirty work? You never did adress Aaron's claims that your kid took the picture that started the Bad Fort Kid incident and that Beth Dean promised you something for your trouble? When he made the accusation you disappeared? What's up with that?

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Feb-12-13 3:21 PM

Just stating what I was told from someone who knows the kid and has classes with him.

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Feb-12-13 3:18 PM

The bottom line is that special needs student behaviors in classrooms are no more intrusive than regular needs student behaviors. It was an unfortunate situation. It was dealt with. Forgive and move on. That is advice for both sides of this discussion!

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Feb-12-13 3:16 PM

WOW, just read the comments. Let's assume some things first (yes I know the old saying about assume). IF this article is about the "Bad Kid Fort" incident, it appears to me Wood County Schools handled it appropriately. I understand that PHS teachers have already had one session on dealing with students with disabilities, particularly Asperger’s, and a second is scheduled. Secondly, some of obviously don’t remember that at one time Wood County Schools had a school for special needs students, Martin. Not only did Wood County have a special school, almost every school district in the country had one. Then along came the federal government and said, “Not anymore!” This was the same time that hospitals, special needs facilities were being forced to close all over the country. Remember Colin Anderson in St. Marys? The bottom line is that special needs student behaviors in classrooms are no more intrusive than regular needs student behaviors. It was an unfortunate situation. It was

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Feb-12-13 2:24 PM

MamaBear85, Then they need to be in a advance class with special teachers. If they are so much smarter than a normal child, a normal teacher can’t teach them. Either way, they are holding normal kids back. In reality, how many of the special needs kids have Aspergers? Surely not yours because you spelled it wrong. The majority of the special needs kids have just a Retardation of some kind.

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Feb-12-13 1:44 PM

newworld...these kids will be on public assistance their whole lives????? You are laughable. Bill Gates is assumed to have Asperbergers, so now all those "other" kids WORK FOR HIM lol. A much higher percentage of Aspies go on to professional careers than the norm.

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Feb-12-13 1:41 PM

That's funny bboyles, seeing as the teacher int hat incident admitted writing that on the box lol

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Feb-12-13 1:39 PM with Aspberger's are extremely intelligent and learn a lot easier than all the so called "normal" kids. I am so sick of hearing holding back kids who can learn!!!! These kids far exceed all the other children in learning. So because they fidget they shouldn't have the same right to an education? BS

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Feb-12-13 10:48 AM

After re-reading the article, I suppose it can be surmised that the hearing on the suspension is regarding the teacher in the incident involving the Richards child, just from some of the things being stated in the article. However, until that is confirmed, it really is just hearsay and speculation... which is no different than many of the comments seen here already, so I suppose it's fitting.

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Feb-12-13 10:37 AM

And sassey, I wasn't implying that it was you that was doing the crucifying, so I hope I didn't come across that way. That was just a general reply to sentiment from others.

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Feb-12-13 10:37 AM

The teacher did not lose her job, she was suspended one week in January. The Board will vote whether to uphold the school's choice or overturn it and give back the salary for the week off.

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Feb-12-13 10:35 AM

Again, this article was NOT about the "Bad Kid Fort" incident, yet some are still bloodthirsty about it. Sassey, I agree that special needs kids require more time and attention, and I have no problem with those children being in classrooms more suited to their needs... I have a special needs child myself. However, it was federal law to mainstream these children, not the choice of the parents or children. So crucifying the parents of these children, or the children themselves, is baseless and even cruel. Now, how about we focus on THIS article, in which the teacher who is the topic was NOT involved in the "Bad Kid Fort" incident? Some people just can't stop beating a dead horse...seriously.

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Feb-12-13 10:30 AM

It is unfortunate that this has been disputed in the media like it has. It is unfortunate that this child has the problem he does. It is unfortunate the teacher made a mistake that may cost her a job, at the very least mental stress. It is unfortunate the other children in the school is paying the price of admission to this show and most of all it is unfortunate that we set infront of a computer and make dispicable comments about a young child, a teacher, BOE, and parents without knowing what went on in that class room. All you people on both sides of this story need to get a life outside that box you are setting in. If you can't stand up and talk man to man then sit back and watch it all happen with your mouth closed.

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Feb-12-13 9:51 AM

KevinK, Public schools are for children that will give back to the public, not take away from it. These kids will be on government assistance their whole lives, so why waste good money on kids that wont be giving anything back to the community. All this does is hurt the education of normal children.

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Feb-12-13 9:40 AM

MrAlex, I agree with you 100%. Children with special needs belong in a class for just that, special needs. Not just for that child, but for all the other students who need to interact in a normal class. And Mack76, you said, public schools pd for by public, so every kid gets to go. So what happens to the monies pd by public, that send their kids to private schools, and pay as well for that also? I've put 5 of 8kids through private schools, yet still pd taxes like you for public schools. Seems to me that extra money could afford a couple of rooms in school for the children with disabilities. I think the teacher has been punished enough through public openion. If the parents really care for this child, I would think, they would co-operate with that teacher, and see if they could help with a solution. No teacher turns away a loving and caring parent!!

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Feb-12-13 8:58 AM

I have a nephew that knows the kid and he told me that the kid in question did not like the teacher and set her up. Yes she put a box around him but, "Bad Kid Fort" was not on the box. When the teacher did not get into trouble, the kid and a friend wrote "Bad Kid Fort" on the box and took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook. This was all orchistrated because this teacher got tired of his disrupted behavior and she decided not take it anymore. My nephew said he's disruptive in all his classes. That's what happens when a kid is coddled all their lives and someone actually says to them no, your behavior is unacceptable. I wonder how much class time has been waisted dealing with this kid. Time the other kids are missing, too.

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Feb-12-13 8:39 AM

This is so wrong! Parents of special needs kids want their kids in public school because they do not want them to feel or be treated differently-or so they say. But once they get in public school the parents demand that they be treated better than and get away with horrible disrespectful treatment to teachers that non special needs kids would never get away with. Something tells me Beth Dean's lawsuit threats and heafty pay day had everything to do with this. Hope you wiped afterwards BOE!

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Feb-12-13 8:27 AM

PUBLIC school means paid for by the PUBLIC, so EVERY kid gets to go. That's the law. You don't like it, take it to your elected officials, but good luck getting them to change it. Now... the suspension of the teacher in question has nothing to do with the matter broached here, so get over it. It's sickening some of the comments that have been on here regarding that situation, not to mention what has been said about the kid. Anyone know why the teacher in this article is up for suspension? Let's discuss that and stop beating a dead horse.

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Feb-12-13 8:16 AM

No, special needs kids are SUPPOSED to be in the public school system. If you want more control over your child's education, put them in a private school.

Socialism is wonderful huh?

And yes the teacher deserves booted.

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