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Wharton reviews Open Meetings Law with commission

February 8, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Wood County Prosecutor Jason Wharton reviewed the state’s Open Meetings Law and provided copies of West Virginia Ethics Commission advisory opinions to county commissioners Thursday....

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Feb-08-13 12:20 AM

looks like black and white advice from the prosecutor but Mr. Gainer seems to still not understand it?

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Feb-08-13 6:43 AM

Gainer and Dunn have already proved that they can not handle the job.I know there are a lot of employees down their that work 40hrs. a week and do not make what DUNN AND GAINER make.Maby they should work one half day.Give us all a break you new what the job was when you ran for office.If you can,t do it step aside.

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Feb-08-13 8:46 AM

Hum. I wonder if "we the people" can get a petition going to make the people we hired to do a job, make them do the job or have them fired! I am sure they would have no problem firing or replacing (with a friend or relative) someone who they felt did not do their job. They should be ashamed taking those wages for working such a little bit. while other employees work a full week, sometimes with no lunch, out in the cold, or in the blazing heat for a LOT less. People wages are public record, go look it up. county website, county clerk, then finances.. make sure you check dates of service then see what people are getting paid.. it's a disgrace! Unless you know someone that knows someone.

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Feb-08-13 8:56 AM

So Dunn says he has been told that about his salary before - seems he really doean't care what "the little people" think. I didn't like him as a dentist (tried to overbill me and my mom) - and I am thinking I don't like him much as a commissioner either.

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Feb-08-13 9:16 AM

The commission went down hill when Gainer was voted in. Dunn wasn't quite as bad prior to that, now he is just as bad as Gainer.

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Feb-08-13 11:33 AM

“County officials said once they decide on a format for their agendas and other meeting procedures, they will provide the information to the West Virginia Ethics Commission for review.” Geez Louise; this is not rocket science folks! It should not be necessary to get a review of your procedures. Simply: If you need to vote on something, it first needs to be specifically included on your posted agenda in advance of the meeting. You cannot take impromptu action on items that are not specifically listed on the agenda. If someone wants to make a presentation to the Commission - and action on that presentation is possibly desirable - the presentation needs to be on the advance agenda. Getting advice from the Prosecutor is fine, but any person elected as a public official should be responsible enough to educate themselves on how to conduct business according to the rules. It is the public’s business; “efficiency” is not paramount, transparency, thoroughness and propriety are. There is no

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Feb-08-13 11:34 AM

There is no balancing act of “governments ability to function” and “the public’s right to know”, the two are not conflicting concepts. The public’s inclusion in and oversight of government’s actions is integral to the process – it is indeed the genesis of the “Sunshine Law”. If one does not grasp that concept, perhaps doing the public’s business is not one's forte.

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Feb-08-13 11:35 AM

Sounds like the commission is adopting a "good ole boys" attitude of "we'll do it our way" and everything will go just fine if we aren't held accountable by the public (who elected us) and the laws that govern us. That one does not understand a particular law does not exempt one from following it.

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Feb-08-13 1:20 PM

What is so difficult about this. Just return to the old meeting dates and put everything they need to vote on to the agenda. Mr. Gainer should then just show up to work when he is suppose to. He should not try to do any voting on any item without it being on the agenda. Seems pretty direct and simple. If he does not get it, then he should quit or be removed.

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