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Peoples News robbed at gunpoint

February 2, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Parkersburg police officers and detectives continue to search for a man who robbed the Peoples News on Emerson Avenue Friday....

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Feb-06-13 9:22 PM


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Feb-03-13 10:30 AM

@hindsight: I wasn't referring to you, but to another poster who I don't want to name, who is still on here, and also to a poster who is not on here anymore, as far as I know. Certainly, not you.

Also, let me clarify something else. When I say 'druggies', I am referring to hard drugs, not pot. I don't think pot is a hard drug, but I do think it is a gateway drug.

I'm sorry for the confusion. I enjoy reading your posts. Soooo, are we okay now?? :)

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Feb-03-13 10:06 AM

Looks like the comment police have been out in full force....what happened to theshield?? Just noticed this, as I actually have a life. Apparently, someone thinks this is their life. Sad.

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Feb-02-13 10:10 PM

Maybe our mayor CAN make him disappear. Maybe a nice cell for leaking info, after a little asphalt eating of course. In the meantime I'll keep pushing that special blue button.

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Feb-02-13 5:42 PM

just arrived home and am smiling ear to ear. and yes the mayor does do business even on the weekends especially when it concerns us disabled veterans my friend. not only does our fine mayor disavow any knowledge of this person who claims to be his best friend but he is keenly interested in finding out who he has been talking to about ongoing investigations. in fact to quote mayor Newell: "dilusional people are among the most dangerous." he graciously gave us a large amount of hios time and i would like to express my sincere thanks. in fact he has agreed to do all he can for the two veterans who's concerns were the main reason for our meeting

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Feb-02-13 5:01 PM

BTW YOU MAD BRO? I am abiding by the law in every sense of the word. What is your problem? I ain't mad you drink away the voices in your head. My only concern is you posses a weapon and have voices in your head.

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Feb-02-13 4:59 PM

BTW I know that isnt the full list buit you messed up because an FOIA will be sent in for them all we will see who the big supporters are and see where to narrow the list down at. You have no idea how much you talk to much.

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Feb-02-13 4:57 PM

Surly you are not claiming to be any of the following"Newell reported contributions from Jason Boley, $50; J.S. McClinton, $100; Richard Cain, $100; Bob and Rebecca Bennett, $100; Robert Parrish, $100; Robert and Ridglae Stephens, $100; Shirley and Charles Whitaker III, $100; Bob and Rebecca Bennett, $100; Richard Cain, $100; William C. Parrish, $100; Joseph Winans, $200, Judith and David Sutton, $250; Michael McPeek, $250; Leward McPherson, $250; Scott and Linda Stephens, $250; John and Anne Coffman, $250; James Hayhurst, $250; James Hayhurst, $250; David and Rhonda Poling, $300; Abdi Ghodsi, $500; Melissa Ross, $1,000; Susan Ross, $1,000; Samuel Ross, $1,000; Samuel Ross III, $1,000; Richard and Elizabeth Adams, $1,000; William Cochran, $1,000; Frank Christy, $1,000; and Saubrah Niak, $1,000. Newell reported $1,000 campaign contributions from James McCutcheon, Rebecca McCutcheon, Randall Snider and L. Michael Simmons. The campaign reported $1,000 contributions from Elizabeth

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Feb-02-13 3:57 PM

Wow, I have been reading some of these posts and I am amazed....this is a forum of public opinion. All these posters making comments about copying posts, inside info....WTF?? Who died and made you all the comment police? Whoops, I suppose the word died will be censored. Anyway, why don't some of you people get a life and stop taking this stuff so seriously. When you all are hanging out at McDonald's on the weekdays, nursing your small coffee and talking about this stuff maybe you can come up with something a little more interesting. Maybe you can volunteer to help the homeless or deliver meals to the elderly.

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Feb-02-13 1:48 PM

This is what WTAP reported:

Police responded at about 3:30 Friday afternoon to reports of an armed robbery at Peoples News on Emerson Avenue.

According to initial reports the robber came in through an unlocked back door. Two male employees were working at the time.

The suspect assaulted one employee behind the counter. He was treated for minor injuries on scene.

The suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

According to witness testimony the robber was carrying a silver handgun.

"Our first officers arrived on scene. The report was a male approached the rear of the business. Placed an employee on the ground who was near that rear door. Collected the money from the rear of the building, physically assaulted the employee and fled the area on foot," says Sergeant Greg Collins with the Parkersburg Police Department.

One robbery, two different accounts reported. Ugh.

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Feb-02-13 1:29 PM

I hope this man gets help. There alot of goverment programs out there that give money and support so he doesnt need to rob anyone. Its there for the taking thats what are goverment is there for

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Feb-02-13 12:47 PM

380auto has the right question attatude and answer. Yes had I been there( even-though I am not in the state anymore) I would have done what needed done because this low life was risking every life in the building at the moment he entered with a gun and wanted to steal.

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Feb-02-13 12:44 PM

Oh marvin without you these boards would get stale fast.

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Feb-02-13 12:43 PM

IFHPED If you feel I have attacked you I am sorry. I have defiantly not liked how you see certain things and maybe have attacked your position because I don't think it is correct. But there are times I agreed with you just hit the agree button rather than have a conversationover it. Just know I think your position is fair on his assessment you made and I still think your assessment of those who chose cannabis is a bit dated. Because it wasn't good for you or your experiences with it has been less than successful don't mean all of us who chose it are druggies or lazy. that's all. If I am wrong in my assumption it was me you were referring to I am sorry in advance and Have a nice day.

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Feb-02-13 12:38 PM

DOES sound a bit fishy

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Feb-02-13 12:38 PM

Hang in there theshield 26101 you make me laugh every day.You and hindsight make a old man laugh ,thanks.

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Feb-02-13 12:37 PM

I would like to ask one thing if myselfe or any one else would have been there when they were getting robed and you had concealed carry would any one have jumped in and protected a employee or a customer or tryed to stop it my answer if i would have been in there YES I WOULD HAVE AND THEN BEEN ARRESTED TRYING TO KEEP SOME ONE FROM GETTING HURT OR LOOSING A LIFE I WOULD HAVE TOOK THAT RISK ALL BEACAUSE SOME LOW LIFE DOESNT WANT TO WORK OR WOULD IF THEY COULD BUT MAYBEE THERE JOB WAS SENT TO MEXICO OR CHINA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Feb-02-13 12:36 PM

Valhalla I wish you luck. Because over 7 PPD officers and many Deputy sheriff's read and post on these pages. Nothig has slowed him down.

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Feb-02-13 12:19 PM

I have often wondered how "the poster with a thousand names" gets by with leaking information. If this continues, I'm afraid someone may end up hurt--I certainly hope not.

At the same time, he has defended me on occasion when another poster was quite hateful, and I appreciated that.

Still, certain information about a crime should not be given out until the perps are caught and the crime is solved.

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Feb-02-13 12:05 PM

it may not stop him but i will find out once and for all and difinitively if the mayor is even willing to admit that he knows him (i dont believe he does) however one thing that may help and god i hate sounding like him but i do have some good connections of my own in the veterans administration all the way up to washington so maybe we will at least find out once and for all the depth of his dillusions

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Feb-02-13 11:51 AM

Valhalla It wont stop him. He released early info on the Ralstien murder in Vienna hours after the fact. He claimed to be on scene with fire fighters. A lady spoke up that worked for the state fire marshal then his posts disappeared. Anytime afterward he has stuck his foot in his mouth amazingly his posts disappear. i have screen shots of a conversation over 300 posts on it. So yes keep documentation because he has a connection it PBNS and yet still gets by with mouthing off the papers way of reporting. I know for a fact this paper does ban IP addresses but he either knows how to use proxies or they aren't banning him. He has sources at the paper he has sources at the police and fire services and is special buddies with bob newell he claims. It has been suggested by many he could be even Newell himself.( i an just stating facts not saying he is) So don't be surprised if no one gets anything done. It will take either a brave soul or a powerful entity to out him. just saying

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Feb-02-13 11:46 AM

Best print them out before he goes "accounts deleted", like he did when those got mowed over on the I-77 bridge.

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Feb-02-13 11:39 AM

wow so our police are talking to a private citizen about an ongoing investigation rather than focusing on actually catching the criminal. see now im forced to save these posts and take them to some friends of my own, not only is this behavior unprofessional but it is illegal also, if these officers were really your friends i doubt you would feel the need to talk so loosely on here and possibly get them into trouble. i have a meeting later today with your supposed good friend the mayor on behalf of a veterans group i represent and will be sure to bring this up as a matter of coarse

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Feb-02-13 11:31 AM

all though he is talking to himself. I won't deny that our poster with 100 plus names has it right more than likely about the backdoor. He tends to gt inside info that is good. Maybe from the backdoor. lol

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Feb-02-13 11:29 AM

I can't believe he thinks the veterans of this page is that stupid. geez

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