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Wood County school system to cut 29 positions

January 31, 2013

PARKERSBURG — About 29 positions will be cut from Wood County Schools next year, according to officials. The school system is looking at a net reduction of 14....

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Feb-05-13 1:35 PM

WOW Remington! Congrats! You're nottelling me anything I don't already know. Because of your special needs you were able to have special programs that because of funding issues took away opportunities from non-special needs kids to help you achieve your goals!That's how our world works today. Disabilities aren't disadvantages anymore.

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Feb-02-13 5:10 PM

Wow! Jane it's been over 48 hours, and your still running your mouth. Well, who can't let up now? Huh? Well HOMEGIRL, ya know what they say... Ignorance is bliss! You have proved that all to well.

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Feb-02-13 12:53 PM

Wow Janeey, you really have issues. I am going to be exposing who I am by saying his but I am a product of special needs all of my life because I could not hear very well. These programs helped me get 2 bachelors from WV and a Masters degree from Japan. With the support from these programs that you dispise so much has helped me become a Vice President of a major corporation that earns more then a quarter of a million dollars a year here in Orange County. Bragging? Not at all, these programs helped me be prepared for the real world and many can do better then I if given the tools and support. Seems to me that you are the one that maybe fell through the cracks along your journey to success.

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Feb-02-13 12:09 PM

Why isn't anyone calling out Mack76? She portrayed herself as a poor struggling mom of special needs kids who had nothing to gain by supporting Beth Dean. Then-thanks to Aaron we find out that her daughter took the picture that got this scandal brewing? And according to Aaron she will benefit if Dean follows through with her law suit threats! Sounds like ya'll have been betrayed and used to further her agenda! Homegirl feels so bad for ya'll! Be careful who trust homies!

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Feb-02-13 10:10 AM

You have absolutely NO proof the cuts were because of "special needs" children. So put a sock in it already. Starting to think the Shield has a female persona now. The schools do this every year. The ultimate teachers of a child are the parents. Many sit back and expect the teachers to do it all. If you feel you child is being neglected, pick up the slack at home.

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Feb-01-13 3:41 PM

But I am am interested in what AaronL has to say! Dish My Friend! I want to hear more about the connection between Mack and Beth Dean. Are the stories of a "reward" for her child's picture true? If girlfriend is expecting to get an undisclosed out of court settlement should tell her peeps to keep their beeks shut. Tell us more!

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Feb-01-13 3:37 PM

Dear Babyonboard-if you disagree with me so much and think my comments are so terrible why do you keep sturring the pot! Girlfriend it's been over 24 hours and you are still trash talking me. Get over it.I have my opinions-based on facts I have seen myself-and you are not going to change my mind. Clearly you need a hobby! I am glad your kids don't have any special needs. You should be very grateful. And having kids with special needs are just as valuable and are deserving of love and attention and an education.But when your kids grow up and go to public school and programs have to be cut, teachers and staff have to be laid off because the school's money had to be sepent to accommodate special needs kids and tp train teachers to accommodate them-I don't think yo have any right to complain. What if your child needs a question answered but the teacher does not have time for them-because a kid with ADD or Asperger's Disorder is causing a disturbance how will you react?

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Feb-01-13 2:35 PM

@babyonboard i was not directing that at you dear, it was meant for those on here who post these things without ever thinking about the circumstances surrounding the med use. i also never like to state details not even to my own family members but maybe it will make these people think for just a second

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Feb-01-13 2:31 PM

I was not saying anything about people who take meds. I was calling Jane out on her stupid comments. She was saying we are only getting pissy cause we are all on meds and can't get a man or keep a man. I was simply letting her no she shouldn't be running her mouth about things she knows nothing about. I know plenty of people on meds and they are some of the best people a person could grateful o know. So in know way do I have any criticisms to say about therapy or meds or any of that. I do apologize if you felt that's what I was saying. Jane has just said a bunch of horrible things and they are all touchy subjects to be talking about anyway, but when you have a women being so vile about her opinions, it just irritates me to know end. I'm not saying I know everything, but I will Devi agley speak up against her unethical way of being hateful. I think I speak for all parents when I say that know matter what the medical circumstances children have they should be treated equal.

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Feb-01-13 1:19 PM

i am on medication and see a therapist regularly. does this make me a bad person? i thank god for the help i receive. i had to hold one of my best friends in my arms while he bled out as the rest of our platoon had to search for both his arms and one of his legs. why dont some of you think about the reasons some people have to be medicated before you spew your ingnorant vile ramblings about it. every circumstance is different dont ever forget that. sorry to be so graphic but if it makes even one of you hate-mongers think for even a second before you type then it was worth it

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Feb-01-13 10:54 AM

I have been married for years, and I work my butt off all day everyday and just completed my 4th year of college studying Law. I am not on any medications nor do I see a shrink for anything. I generally don't post blogs or really care what the blogs are about but was very offended by what was being said yesterday. The reality is, this argument about children regardless of their short comings has nothing to do with the originated topic at hand. You all went off on a ridiculous tangent about these special needs kids and there will be no winners in this discussion. Opinions are like ********, everybody has one!

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Feb-01-13 10:46 AM

Before you make an all inclusive statement like that maybe you should know who your talking about. I have no problems with keeping a man. I have bee

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Feb-01-13 9:01 AM

AaronL-You hit the nail on the head? Since you mentioned it-I would love to know what deals Beth Dean made. This board has taught me that there are way too many single mom's out there on medication for "anxiety" with too much time of their hands who love da drama. Newflash; just because you reproduce does not give you a heightened sense of awareness, insight or make you any kind of a better person. Sounds like many of ya'll needto learn how to keep a man and or get a hobby, and stop trying to fill the void in your emepty lives with kids-most of whom ya'll love to be in the middle of a crisis.

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Jan-31-13 11:28 PM

Where did ALL of these ****** up kids come from all of a sudden? Gimmmee,gimmmeeee gimmee,since I can't be right with the world.That Mack76 has been a drum beater for Beth Dean ever since she put her kid on the hot seat with BOE. What did she promise YOU when she sues,since it was your kid who took the picture,d sit on the hot seat?Single mother of 3??? Didn't you learn of the 1st one? Maybe you,Mack, Ought to be throwing more out of ER beds,because YOUR messed up kids MAY need one. Remember that statement?

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Jan-31-13 7:52 PM

Seleah, you sound like a very smart women, but talking to Jane is like talking to a brick wall. People have tried talking sense into this women, and for some reason she has trouble getting past her own crazy ideas. My theory is that something traumatic has happened in her life to make her feel this way or she genuinely is heartless to the plight of others. I spoke very nasty to her earlier, because I finally had enough of her nonsense, if she has children I kinda feel sorry for them if this is how she truly feels. Shame, shame on her. Wonder how her kids would feel if she told them she would have aborted them if some doctor told her there was a 50/50 chance something would be wrong. I doubt she has kids or she wouldn't feel as strongly about these subjects as she does. No mother who loves her babies could say the nasty things she has said.

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Jan-31-13 7:37 PM

Jane: Your last post seemed like it came from an entirely different person. I will assume it is sarcasm. I have read your posts. I have pondered them. I do not agree with most of what you say, and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. I will ask you this. I knew early on in my pregnancy that my son had a 50/50 shot at survival. That he would be born early. That even if he did survive he stood a good chance of having severe problems. My health was compromised as well. Do you think I should have had an abortion? Be honest. Believe me there were times when I felt I was being selfish to continue the pregnancy and subject him to an unknown life of hardships. There is not a day that goes by that I am not thankful that I made the decision to have him. He is an amazing young man. He knows the obstacles he faced. That makes him work even harder. People are against abortion. You should have your baby no matter what. Then when that child is born and needs help, they are against that too. Perplexing.

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Jan-31-13 7:18 PM

Okay! Janeeyre1, when I posted my comment I was talking about you. You posted all your negative crap talking about all these parents children and yet you expect no negative response to come your way. WOW! It's interesting how you flatter yourself by thinking we spend are whole day worrying about you, and yet your ignorance eludes you. If you really process why everyone is calling you out then you would realize we are all just saying you sound like an ignorant uneducated bitter Bi**h! Forget class at this point I'm over trying to not be rude. The point is some people just don't have the brains god gave a goose. Your a bully and you are so full of crap. Your opinion no longer matters in this blog, so stop trying to debate us to death with your sinacle behavior. There everyone I just said everything you all have failed to do unfortionatly my efforts will go in one of her ears and out the other.

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Jan-31-13 5:44 PM

Lord Have Mercy! All you trash talkin' moms have brought a tear to this homegirl's eye. Ya'll raised a fit to not have you special needs kids in special schools because becuase you didn't want them to feel or be treated like they're different. Then when you got them in public school all you do is fight for them to get special attention and priviledges that take away non special needs kids and hurt school budgets. But I am flattered. All ya'll have apparently done all day is talk about little old me! For someone ya'll don't claim to agree with-ya'll have sure been givin this homegirl plenty of attention!

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Jan-31-13 5:12 PM

Also, not all IEP children take medication, some are in the gifted program. I guess according to Jane they should just be left to languish and be bored. Keeping kids busy keeps them out of trouble. I thank God my kids are ok - and I truly feel for the ones who need help. I can't fathom the hate for children who didn't ask to be born the way they are. If you are so sure all these IEP kids are taking away from your perfectly "normal" kid, why not spend some time going over their homework and seeing if they are behind or not. Spend some time helping to teach them at home, I would bet most IEP parents already do that.

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Jan-31-13 4:28 PM

Thanks gunsrock! I never asked for the role of being the parent of a special needs child, no parent does. I was just grateful to be a parent. Those of us who have children that require a little more attention or accomodation due to issues they were born with do the best we can with what we have. The things that have been said by some on these forums regarding these children has been absolutely vile. Every child deserves to have a shot at a happy, healthy life, and every parent wants this for their child (or darn well should). Special needs children and their parents are no different.

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Jan-31-13 4:13 PM

For what it is worth, I have to give props for Mack 76. You touch on the subject with great affection, and I am sure your children are cared for to the highest standard. For Janeeye to come out and say things like this, it ranks her right above hinesight and just below whale crap. While I do agree with Jane that way to many parents over medicate that only makes it hard on parents like yourself. But this forum is not about that. The school systems are always one step away from being broke so every year they have to make cuts where they can and add where they have to. That is how it is. I beleive that there are way to many lawsuits allowed to go on by our judical system and that drains these schools just as much as anything. The only thing I disagree that the schooling does is how seniority at the top. Other than that I am ok with it. By the way the argument between you two has keep the spot light off the unions for once. So, thanks Mack76 for being brave

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Jan-31-13 3:45 PM

I just read all of you comments and I must say, I am very disappointed in you lack of respect and common moral ethics. I am 19 weeks pregnant and have a 12 year old son whom I am blessed to say not special needs. I worry everyday about my unborn child, but there is nothing I can do to prevent him from being born without special needs. My point is people do not wish for special needs children, but press on and move forward trying their best to give their children every opportunity they can as parents. Some of you make it sound like special needs children are just big inconveniences and a waist of good resources that normal kids should get. BS! What are you suggesting, put them to sleep like old sick pets or something. Not trying to be rude or ignorant, but your coming off this way. Think before you get type crazy, and maybe people won't feel so disappointed with your nasty remarks.

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Jan-31-13 12:26 PM

THANK YOU Valhalla!!

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Jan-31-13 12:20 PM

i think it is clear to all of us that the education system is busted. i know less staff is certainly not the answer but since i have no ideas to offer i accept the budget reasons for this. i have no idea how this article has turned into the heated debate in this forum about disorders and doctors perscribing drugs. some people seem to have a go to default position when it comes to education discussions rather than rational thought taking precedence. i do not have a medical degree and i did not spend 8 years of my life learning in great detail the art of medicine so i defer to the people that have. i do not repeat what i have "heard" about these things and immediately start trashing the proffesionals who take an oath to do no harm. nor do i accuse them of malpractice in order to line their pockets. i believe they make enough $ without having to do that. if your beef is with pharm. reps then do something about it unless you would rather just talk about it

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Jan-31-13 12:16 PM

And for God's sake, don't backpedal now. OWN what you've said, dear. Yesterday you were spouting off about how autism and ADHD have been invented by lazy parents who don't want to manage their children and opportunistic doctors... heck, you've done the exact same thing on this thread: janeeyre1 Jan-31-13 9:25 AM Agree | Disagree

WOW! We really need to thank all the doctors, therapists, counselors and parents -and especially their lawyers-of IEP/Special Needs Kids for what they have done to our school systems. So don't BS me with your PC garbage now. I'm not buying it.

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