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Expensive Tax

Carbon tax would hurt every resident

January 24, 2013

Now that President Barack Obama has won election to his second term, he is free to pursue some of the radical goals he considered, but backed away from due to public outcry during his first four......

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Jan-28-13 4:12 PM

I didn't know Bill Clinton was a Republican.

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Jan-26-13 8:52 PM

It is funny to see all the Republicans get excited over the carbon tax. What is ironic is the carbon tax was a Republican idea and was being promoted by Republicans until President Obama came out for it. It is hilarious to see the Republicans taking a dump in their diaper and then playing with it.

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Jan-26-13 1:33 AM

coolbeans, it finally came to me! POTUS stands for 'PIECE OF TOTALLY USELESS SHI_'!

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Jan-24-13 9:45 PM

The worst President since Carter. This guy has no clue what he is doing but yet every one just keeps drinking the kool aid and pray he does something right. My prediction is that within 2 years, the people will rise against this village idiot. He is NOT my president. When he is on tv, I turn the channel, if he is in town when I live, I turn my back.

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Jan-24-13 7:12 PM

coolbeans, denvers head isn't in the sand it is in the hole between the cheeks on his back side!!!!! I can help him pull it out if need be before it is too late for him.....

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Jan-24-13 11:08 AM

Obama won, America lost . One good thing. 2016 is on the way.

Is he still monopolizing tv? We don't look at tv these days. just lies and bragging.

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Jan-24-13 8:28 AM


I thought the President was going to take care of all of that in his first term. but the economy is worse, unemployment is worse, more people are out of work than when he took office, entitlements are bankrupting this nation, he FUBAR'ed Healthcare, Education is horrible and his plan to make everyone love us again when he took his world tour after his 1st inauguration instead of working on healthcare (you think that’s why he FUBAR’ed it?) failed.

What happened denver? How did President Obama fail so miserably?

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Jan-24-13 5:15 AM

To: ALL republicans! From, Everyone who is tired of you being sore LOSERS President Obama WON! Move on to other things that are critical to the nation's well being, like the ECONOMY, JOBS, TAX REFORM, ENTITLEMENT REFORM, EDUCATION, HEALTHCARE, ISREAL AND HAMAS, IRAN, SYRIA.

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Jan-24-13 5:08 AM

Even before his speech, a tax on carbon emissions such as those from burning fossil fuels including coal, oil and natural gas, "reportedly" was on the White House drawing board.

The key word being "reportedly"

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