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Man arrested, charged with sexual assault

January 23, 2013

PARKERSBURG — A Mineral Wells man was arrested on a sexual assault charge by the Wood County Sheriff’s Office’s Detective Bureau around 12:15 p.m. Tuesday....

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May-10-13 12:01 PM

This is sick, sad to say this is my father & I took him to court for the same thing. He did this to me when I was only four. He is a very, very sick man. But he got out of getting arrested. Their wasn't enough evidence, but as you can tell. He's back to the same old thing. I hope he rots in prison.

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Mar-25-13 4:53 PM

Do you realize these freaks look at your little Susie's cheerleading pics, and your son's baseball pics in that paper and do 'bad things' while they are looking at your kid? These people do NOT need to be around good decent people. They need their own town very much like escape from New York. If you aren't going to remove them from this good Earth - then at least corral them and keep the children safe from these predators. And that's what they are the worst predators ever. If a wild animal of the predator variety gets you they just kill you and eat you. These freaks leave you alive (usually) and let you live in misery and guilt forever.

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Mar-25-13 3:45 PM

Poor child will have a tough time wit her life now...I say we should start castrating these types of people. If you beat your wife, you should get the*****beat out of you by 5 guys. We need to get tougher on these predators before it gets out of control.

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Mar-25-13 1:22 PM

thank you for your concerns on this matter. yes i agree he should be locked in a room with a parent and a bat case closed. also for those of you who think a stern warning will take care of the problem WAKE UP !!!! would you want somebody to say that if it was your kid. grow up and look around obviously you havent seen what our world has become. 1-5 is the prob. ppl like that should never c the lite of day again and b everybodys ***** in prison. he should never get a moments peace. thats the least they could do.

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Jan-24-13 8:13 PM

If it were your daughter or grandchild, would "pretty sure" be ok with you? The poor girl's life will never be the same and could possibly be ruined! Sad thing is, she is probably not his only victim. Then, he'll get to plea bargain like many offenders in this area are allowed to do.

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Jan-24-13 5:22 PM

Well said, Porrain. I will say, though, that $125,000 is pretty steep. I don't know a lot of people that could post bail like that. She was probably pretty sure that she'd done her part to ensure that he be held.

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Jan-23-13 9:07 PM

"Alfstad appeared in front of Wood County Magistrate Joyce Purkey Tuesday afternoon, where his bond was set at $125,000. Graham said officials thought the bond amount would be enough to hold the suspect, but he posted the bail and was released."

Officials "thought" the bond amount would be enough"? What a statement, NO bail is high enough for a child sexual offender! When in doubt, the sensible thing to do to ensure children's safety would be to GO HIGHER on the bail Ms Purkey!

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Jan-23-13 1:04 PM

How could a 37-year-old man NOT know the child was 12? She may not LOOK 12, but she would look young enough that would make anyone want proof if she tried to say she was an adult! Let's not put this on the victim, my God! He's the adult, he picked her up, he plied her with alcohol (anyone know of a 12-year-old that looks old enough to drink?), and then he sexually assaulted her. Fry him.

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Jan-23-13 11:02 AM

Did he know that she was only 12? If so, he needs to be nutted. If not, he should get a stern warning from the court about making sure of who he is in contact with on the net. Lets not hang him just yet until we know the full story.

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Jan-23-13 9:50 AM

News and Sentinel listed his address as Dublin Drive, Mineral Wells and also Club Drive, Washington. Who dropped the ball on this? Magistrate Court records or fact checking? These addresses are nowhere close to another!

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Jan-23-13 9:19 AM

Due to the severity of this jerk's action, and the age of this young girl, could he have not been held without bond? If he met her on the internet, he's not as stupid as he looks,so is she going to be safe from him now that he's out?

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Jan-23-13 8:19 AM

OMG she was 12! A baby. Put him in a room with the dad and a ball bat, case closed.

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