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Local reaction mixed on Obama gun proposals

January 17, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Local gun retailers are looking through the points President Barack Obama introduced Wednesday as part of his initiative to try to curb gun violence to see how they may impact busines....

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Jan-18-13 5:02 PM

we need to stop bickering along party lines and come together as a country to solve this grave problem. i'm glad your excited about president Obama's swearing in, i'm sure you worked hard for his re-election, now lets work together to find a compromise and help save lives. name calling only serves to divide us and diminish our collective potential. there are a lot of different views out there and i'm sure the best solution will be a combination of ideas from the left and the right

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Jan-18-13 2:13 PM

101 just stop talking. nobody really cares what you have to say.. there's a difference in voicing your opinion and just being a jack***. you are doing the latter of those.

go ahead and make your smart remark to this too

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Jan-18-13 1:38 PM

Reality.... you should change your name on here. The Romney/ryan ticket isn't working out for me at the moment, but when push comes to shove we'll see who has the upper hand.

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Jan-18-13 10:34 AM

stop the presses i am totally shocked: hindsight101 has threatened yet another citizen with the police, you sir are a one trick pony, no-one so far as i know has tried to "ban" you from posting, in fact several of us real veterans have defended your right to say whatever you like whether we agree with it or not. however we have the right to criticize and disprove your statementsand we are not required to be "police groupies" to do so, in fact i enjoy your posts and also enjoy the fact that my 11 year old daughter can tell you have no principles

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Jan-18-13 9:27 AM

"Society needs to take a good look at itself and the children its raising nowadays (kids with no respect or empathy for others) AND FIX THAT PROBLEM. Once society is fixed the gun control debate will be a moot point."

Well said, but sadly it won't be addressed. Modern "progressive" thinking is not to hold individual wrong-doers accountable, because that's against their human rights and their privacy.... but to push blanket nanny-state feel good laws that infringe on law abiding citizens' rights.

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Jan-18-13 4:15 AM

I see people ranting about tougher gun laws and then cite Sandy Hook, Chicago, New York City, and the nation's capital repeatedly. Connecticut, New York, Illinois, and New York have the toyghest gun laws on the books and yet still have unstoppable gun violence. It's obvious new laws aren't going to do anything because criminals don't rerad law books and don't care about them anyway. Criminals hope the left-wing gets its way and neuters America's ability to defend itself from them. Besides, the root of the problem is the yahoo behind the gun, not the gun itself. Society needs to take a good look at itself and the children its raising nowadays (kids with no respect or empathy for others) AND FIX THAT PROBLEM. Once society is fixed the gun control debate will be a moot point.

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Jan-18-13 12:21 AM

In the 1789 first gun debate in Congress,Thomas Jefferson agreed that"standing armies in a time of peace were dangerous to liberties".Jefferson wrote to Thomas Cooper in 1814 "The Greeks and Romans had no standing armies,yet they defended themselves.The Greeks,by their laws,and the Romans by the spirit of their people,took care to put into the hands of their rulers no such engine of oppression as a standing army. Their system was to make every man a soldier and oblidge him to repair to the standard of his country whenever that was reared. This made them invincible,and the same remedy will make us so."

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Jan-17-13 11:52 PM

Suttle do you really believe that a few 10 round only magazines would have stopped the insanity??? This idiot was shooting 6 year olds. That could have been done with a revolver. It isn't the weapon, but the nut shooting. This country has lost its backbone. What happened to institutions for the mentally disturbed? Oh no, those poor kids must be integrated into society so we can all pay the price for their instabilities.

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Jan-17-13 11:22 PM

Who will be next to sacrifice their child as the next gun victim to die a horrible death? No more more Christmas...just because some guys like to play with and have access to assult rifles. The price is too much...your fellow citizens do not want another Sandy Hook or Columbine. Support the end of assult rifles for citizen use. Support the end of magazine clips of 10 bullets or more. Support meaningful background checks so that criminals and mentally ill people can no longer have easy access to guns. Be brave like the teachers who died to protect their children...Speak up and stop the killing of our children...NOW!!

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Jan-17-13 11:06 PM

I guess Armstrong, Manti Te'o and OBUMMER got a lot in common. Nothing but lies. Funny thing is the sports stars lies make more news time than the illegal office holder and his lies.

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Jan-17-13 11:00 PM

Plese refer to the wannabe as 101 because that is roughly the number of user names he has and I would rather not be associated with the puppet.

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Jan-17-13 10:42 PM

hindsight.... the answer to your question is that you all 3 only have one onion!!!! haha

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Jan-17-13 9:27 PM

What constitutional scholar would be ignorant of Jefferson’s famous assertion, made in a letter to William Smith in 1787, that the “tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants”? "The most important reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, if necessary, at last resort to protect themselves from tyranny in government." Thomas Jefferson - 1787

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Jan-17-13 9:07 PM

"I do not think the 2nd Amendment's intent was protection from the government."

Then you don't know your history. Protection from tyranny was precisely why many of the founders insisted the 2nd amendment be included.

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Jan-17-13 9:03 PM

There obviously needs to be something done about all the gun violence but trying to take away the right to bear arms is not the answer. You don't have to be the president of the US to know this or any other high ranking politician to comprehend this basic premise. I can't wait till the day a political party that thinks between democrats and republicans. Each party seems like it is concerned on certain issues just so it can shove other issues down peoples throats. God pray for the american political system.

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Jan-17-13 8:57 PM

People interested in talking on this topic need to take history in perspective. If you look at the great civilizations of history you will notice some patterns in their demise. Also, by the way, there is not a country or militia or any other group in the world that can compete with the United States military, but all of these soldiers, airmen, marines, etc are sisters, brothers, uncles, dads, sons, cousins, etc of everyone else in America and also have some of the same opinions and if push came to shove would decide not to take arms against there fellow man. I am currently in the military and know many others in the military and have had intense discussions regarding these issues. These issues of gun control will only end bad for the anti-gun establishment and will alienate thousands of people that would otherwise support parts of their movement. Back when I was graduating high school, there was a song that stated the only people left with guns will be cops and criminals.

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Jan-17-13 8:40 PM

Question: What do Manti Te'o, Lance Armstrong and me have in common?

Answer: We're all liars and think that people are too stupid to notice.

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Jan-17-13 8:30 PM

"They're not out to take anyone's guns." Yeah, right. Just have your doctor tell them how many you have and see how long it takes them to knock on your door. I believe this will happen. I don't know how soon it will happen but it will happen. Let the Odumma fools unite!!! Kool-aid, anyone?

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Jan-17-13 7:25 PM

Never Learn...start cracking the door... it ALWAYS...ALWAYS.. goes wide open.

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Jan-17-13 7:22 PM

Where in the second amendment does it say "we the people" have the right to own the weapon of our choice? When the constitution was written semi automatic weapons didn't exist. Let alone an ammo clip with 30 rounds in it. I am sure our forefathers never dreamed we would have wackos shooting up schools, movie theaters, shopping malls etc.

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Jan-17-13 7:21 PM

Our Founding Fathers were scared senseless of standing armies. It was well accepted among the Members of Congress during the first gun debate of 1789 that "standing armies in a time of peace are dangerous to liberty".

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Jan-17-13 7:18 PM

I do not think the 2nd Amendment's intent was protection from the government. If that were true,the 2nd Amendment would allow you to own a cannon and a warship. Then,America would certainly look more like Somalia with well armed warlords running their own little fiefdoms in defiance of the federal government

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Jan-17-13 7:16 PM

such a shame that tsmearman and hindsight put out falsehoods hoping to look brilliant. hollow points are not banned by geneva convention & police like them as they don't go thru the body and hit bystanders. U.N. doesn't want world gun regs. Conference will aim to set regulations on the global, crossborder trade in various conventional weapons,

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Jan-17-13 7:15 PM

You are a treasonous********that everybody here knows exactly what is needed for you.

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Jan-17-13 7:04 PM

Yeah, hurry, run and GO vote some more Sorry ******** into office Denver, you've got us on the Hot Rails to H3ll now, don't slow down...hurry run go now.....

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