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Report says W.Va. losing residents

January 16, 2013

PARKERSBURG — The Northeastern portion of the United States is leading the nation in outbound migration — a designation held by the Great Lakes region for the past several years, according to United......

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Jan-18-13 10:55 AM

our great state in my humble opinion is a great place to live and raise my daughter. i am originally from the Boston area but we moved here when i was the tender age of five. i came here with the common misconceptions most have of WV {no shoes, no teeth, hillbillies, etc.} but i was quickly accepted by the local population and have been in love with the area since. i especially like the fact we dont make our brave men and women serving in active duty military pay state income tax, our state is a patriotic one i am very proud to call my home

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Jan-16-13 11:57 PM

*Hindsight101, I agree with you 100%. I was born a WV, and will die one. Those who start at the bottom and work their way up, appear to have more pride in their state. I also think, the harder one works, the more they love their surroundings and appreciate what one has. I've visited friends and relatives in several other states, and have stayed with them for awhile, but always so glad to get back here. I find that most people who are transferred here, hate to leave when their company re-sends them elsewhere. The most complaining I've noticed comes from people on welfare, so how can they possibly appreciate what they haven't earned. When I was growing up, welfare as known, was to help one to get on their feet. Now, most families use it as a profession, and feel its owed to them. Some people on disability, thats a different story, however, I've seen it abused also.

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Jan-16-13 11:28 AM have it right!!

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Jan-16-13 11:06 AM

The people are still here they just don't work,so there hard to count. In the 50s & 60s a young mans goal was to work at the DuPont,today his goal is to get on welfare or SSI,but I still love WV,but not the dopers to lazy to work.

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Jan-16-13 9:00 AM

I love West Virginia. It has some of the nicest people in the country. However, it also has some problems. One of those problems is personal income tax. When you buy certain things you are taxed and then you get taxed every year for owning something that is yours for the next five years.This in itself makes people leave the state. Another problem is jobs. West Virginians want to work. When they cannot find work they move to a state where they can find it. The states that are doing well are those who have NO State income tax.Instead they have higher sales taxes which is a consumption tax that hits everybody.Poor counties have low sales taxes and high income counties have higher sales taxes.But trying to get politicians to see this is impossible.

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Jan-16-13 2:58 AM

I think there are a couple other ways to zero in on this matter. The guys and gals I went to church with and to school with are a good indicator.About 28 folks I went to church with K thru high school (choir Sunday School and the Boy Scouts ) are all gone to live elsewhere except me.I would'nt be living here except I'm taking care of my Mother .High School is a little different ,I'd guess a third of my class still lives here and the rest are living out of town and are deceased.I think its remarkable a whole generation is missing from my church , thats one reason we went from a 1,000 member church to I think 273 now. Just for fun those reading this check with your graduating class , see how many still live here .

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