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What made America great?

January 13, 2013

U.S. Rep....

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Mar-06-13 1:18 PM

There was no certain era or event that made America great, but rather it was a combination of eras and events, along with its people. Many today, have little knowledge of our history and there are those who want to rewrite it. The one thing that makes us a great people is freedom, and that seems to be under attack from many sides. It is true that a house divided can not stand united. However, there are three things that would greatly help get our house in order and they are as follows: Term limits A flat tax And a balanced budget amendment

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Mar-06-13 12:16 PM

mythravere - we use to be the best of nations but no more. Out ranking is now ion the teens where we use to be number 1. Seems Obama and the libs have done a great job controlling people with freebees. 47% of our country does not work. Many of these people have been loving off the dole for generations. Many get 40,000 plus in freebies with housing, healthcare, etc. There is one in PA who is getting 80,000 in freebies. Pres Johnson was the one who started this and Obama has increased in tremendously.

Our greatness is gone and the only way we can change is to be rid of the liberal progressives. Our schools are worthless and so is our economy.

Medicare is being used to pay for Obamacare. Cost of Obamacare for a family of four $20,000.

Doctors are leaving the profession.

Companies are no longer providing health care thanks to Obamcare.

mythravere - time to wake up and realize our country is broke and no longer great. Can this be changed? yes.WE must get rid of liberal

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Jan-13-13 2:53 PM

One thing for certain is that these are times of transition. That isn't a bad thing.

How would one appreciate good weather if the weather was good all the time?

The way I look at it is this. We may think that we are in dire straits etc. Our country is collapsing whatever. But there are people out there in this world right now who would trade their "best" of times for our worst.

Think about that.

I just took a sip of clean bottled water. Some people cant even do that.

Yes things are on the down trend but ask yourself this.

Are things as bad as the media makes it out to be?

With that take into consideration that drama sells and jerking peoples heartstrings brings in the ratings!

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Jan-13-13 2:30 PM

We became a great country because everyone rowed their own boat. Now, too many expect the ride to be on flat boats that drift down the river.

Strong families hold a country together and that is mostly gone with the wind now. Fathers and mothers used to take care of their own children, and teach them right from wrong. They used the Ten Commandments as their guide for behavior and developed good moral people. A country cannot be sustained without good,hard working, and moral citizens who vote accordingly.

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Jan-13-13 1:46 PM

What made America great?

It Is that we were the nation that served not just it's elite, but from the beginning of this country, made it so that the common American would have a part in making America great. And if America was to? be great it was because of the American people, "all of us," "not just the few one percent." A trait that made this nation unlike any other nation before it, and is what made us the "envy and goal" of every nation after it. That's my opinion

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Jan-13-13 10:43 AM

This morning our National Debt is $16,447,501,+++,+++.

Following are some of the "PORK" added to National Debt Bailout bill. 1)$6,000,000 - Manufacture of kids wooden arrows. 2)$192,000,000 - Puerto Rican & Virgin Islands rum producers. 3)$128,000,000 - Auto Race Tracks. 4)$33,000,000 - Corporations operating in American Samoa. 5)Small & medium film & television productions. 6)$223,000 tax benefits for fishermen & other livelihoods suffered in 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill.

The Congressional Budget Office said, "The package of breaks including obviouse pork & more defensible tax relief measures will add about $112,000,000,000 to budget deficits over the next five years because the bill doesn't contain enough offsetting revenue hikes to keep the budget balanced."

"We The People" made America great, not the idiots in Washingto D.C. now!

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Jan-13-13 8:59 AM

Well put "mythravere"

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Jan-13-13 12:34 AM

The reason I asked that question is that clarity of thought is key to our nation prospering.

If we surround ourselves with false and misleading narratives we end up regressing instead of progressing.

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Jan-13-13 12:29 AM

An even better question to ask is this.

Out of all of this nations greatness how much of it is real and how much of it is nothing more than a sugar coated narrative?

I personally feel we are one of the best nations on this planet. We have our problems but we for the most part sort them out.

My question though comes from those that look into the past and hold a begone time up as this nations finest. Are those yearnings of times past based on reality?

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