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Rockefeller won't run in 2014

January 11, 2013

CHARLESTON — Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., Friday announced he will not seek re-election to the U.S. Senate in 2014, saying he wanted to spend more time with family....

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Jan-12-13 6:04 PM

And he did a great job of increasing poverty in WV. Why do people in WV allow people from out of state come here and take advantage of them. He lives like a king off of hard working WV people. There are people born here, raised here, educated here that really care about WV that we could elect. There are many to elect that never belonged to the clan like RCB. We can do better then this.

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Jan-12-13 12:56 PM

Did you all miss the part where he came here to West Virginia to do poverty work in 1964 and remained here rather than return to where he could have lived the life of Mitt Romney several times over? He spent his whole adult life here in West Virginia in one form of public service or another.

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Jan-12-13 11:50 AM

Like he really wants to live in WV or have anything to do with WV after he retires....I doubt he will retire to Boaz.

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Jan-11-13 9:59 PM

Thank God, I trust he is moving back to New York.

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Jan-11-13 8:53 PM

Jay is 75 years old, time to enjoy his family and the autumn of his life. Jay came here to make things better for us , and he did. A real Hero. Thanks Jay... I appreciate what you accomplished for the State you adopted.

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Jan-11-13 7:42 PM

The great "JAY" swooped down here in 76 from New York,to "save us all". As a Governor,he left much to be desired,but was a hair breath above Arch Moore,a mistake we should NOT have made.Moore was a BLATANT crook,Standard oil boy was a wolf in sheeps clothing,backed by the democrip party.They're ALL out for themselves and to H ell with us.

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Jan-11-13 7:30 PM

now, for some more good news, lets impeeeeech obama. note - i used little "o". how did he caryy NY? with all those dis-place people complaining about not seeing anything from the federal government after 10 days. anyone can not tell me all those people voted for the little "o." so, how did he carry NY? and dont he got the popular vote. those displaced people would have cancelled those who voted for him. why is it when there is election fraud - why is it the dem's are behind it?

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Jan-11-13 7:29 PM

Slingblade;STAY in Maryland and deal with that problem;Guy,when you figure out Chucktowns problems,then come up here.It's perfect for those who don't live here to analyze the problems,just like "box boy",but those fingers do run,don't they.

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Jan-11-13 7:21 PM

wv is the 2nd porrest state, ms. is the poorest. as long as the dem's keep talking public entitlement (welfare) they will be elected. obama won only because talking more entitlments and less taxes - now look all sort of new taxes will take effect, NOT talking about national security. Rockefeller did not do that much for wv, period. anyone could have done just as good of a job as he did. he didnt support increase allowence for disabled vet's and those getting social security. he did not "give back" or servce wv. anyong recieving a paycheck is not giving-back or serv'ing. have you been to one of his meetings? he dodged questions as good as obama by talking around the subject.

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Jan-11-13 6:39 PM

Sounds to me like he is retiring because he thinks that 75 is a reasonable age to retire. Doesnt seem like he has ever acted out of fear, unlike the droves of GOP congresspeople and Senators who are beholden to Grover Norquist and the NRA. I wonder how many Republicans would ever take on Big Coal?

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Jan-11-13 6:06 PM

"reality" is an ironic name for that commenter, I must say. The problem, reality, is that asking for MORE handouts doesn't address the problem. If WV is so poor, MORE HANDOUTS is NOT the answer. People need to become educated, and our government representatives need to WORK to bring work and jobs HERE by creating en environment conducive to business.

Thinking that more handouts are the answer just makes you one of the "47 percent"; people who take no responsibility for supporting themselves.

And, with your blanket statement about "republicans are one of the biggest problems in Washington", you reveal yourself to be the kind of person who would vote for a dog if it ran as a Democrat.

Very impressive (not).

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Jan-11-13 5:56 PM

From a neighbor in Ohio. Thanks Jay for your service. You deserve time out of the public. Best wishes to you Jay, thank you once again

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Jan-11-13 5:35 PM

Talk about a void he leaves behind. Does any one name in the WV democratic party stand out to replace him? I can't think of any.

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Jan-11-13 5:14 PM

Senator Rockefeller has never separated himself from the people he serves. I have always seen him as a man who has tried to do what is right, not only for our state, but for the country as well. He will be missed.

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Jan-11-13 5:14 PM

Don't votebtyis party line B.S l. Wake up look at where they really stand on the issues they claim to defend that matters to you and yours. That is the only way for this nation to move forward. Job production is better than handouts yet you all need to takecare of those looking for a job. It is a cycle without some of both no state would survive. Cut foreign aid to fix the welfare spending issue and give modest tax breaks with longer contracts beyond the breaks with a penalty for leaving early. There is a solution and I is in the middle not a party line following of any kind or a millionaire who sees more handouts from corparations to ignore he people.

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Jan-11-13 5:03 PM

I totally agree the Jay and Byrd brought hundreds of millions into this state, but times are changing and the hand-outs need to stop for those who are capable. I too worked and retired from the federal government unfortunately that is the problem with this country right now.

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Jan-11-13 4:08 PM

Suttle Thank you for your information,nice to hear something helpful. slingblade Sorry you couldn't make it in WV,but we don't need your advice on how to vote.

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Jan-11-13 4:07 PM

reality, you are probably one of the ones at the "free cell phone tent" if that is what the state needs then you need to wake up. The dumbacrates are creating a welfare state of the entire country. I like Jay and have voted for him each election but he sees the writing on the wall and the coming uprising if the dumbacrates don't back away from their FUROR.

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Jan-11-13 3:04 PM

Rockefeller like Byrd have done exceptional for west Virginia. I agree they will be sorely missed. However,it is time for a new change. Let Shelley have her day as senator.If she fails to deliver,she can be removed at the ballot box.

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Jan-11-13 2:55 PM

Wow - I am so sad to hear that Rockefeller is leaving the Senate. He has been such an effective champion for West Virginia and the hundreds, if not thousands of jobs, that he has brought to this state. Just look at the 20 plus Japanese businesses that have located here providing high paying jobs and benefits...look at his accomplishment by bring in Toyota. The Toyota plant in Buffalo would have gone to Illinois if it had not been for our Senator. Locally we have Hino...another job well done by Rockefeller. Losing Rockefeller will be felt by many West Virginians. His voice will be sorely missed. What a great man...I wish him well...he has done a great job for all of us.

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Jan-11-13 2:32 PM

reality,are you one of those wet behind the ears types. If so,by virtue of that fact alone,you lack the brain cells to comment on this subject!!!

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Jan-11-13 2:16 PM

REALITY check..only have 1000 characters here...republicans are for individual rights (Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.)...Democrats provide "support" aka handouts to people, which yes, in the short term seems to help, but in reality only cripples a person because they become reliant on somebody else to take care of them...if WV wants has to come from all the individuals refusing to only pick the low hanging fruit..the individuals need to make a decision to educate theirself, work hard, figure things out, WV school system ranked 5th nationally recently, but studen performance was ranked and F...effort has to be made by the individual..the tools are there.

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Jan-11-13 1:52 PM

The only solution to remedying the poverty that is existing in West Virginia is to change the course of political history that has existed in this state for 100+ years. Democrats have kept this state in poverty. I know while Arch Moore was governor,West Virginia prospered. I'm sure we can do that again with the election of Shelley.

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Jan-11-13 1:02 PM

Good News.

Only if Obama decided not to run.

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Jan-11-13 12:58 PM

Best news I've heard all week! Let’s now work on getting Obama’s new lap dog - Manchin out. Seems like after he left being Governor for our state, he forgot about us and started becoming like the rest of the swamp in DC.

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