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PHS ‘Bad kid fort’ draws protesters

January 9, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Protesters stood at the entrance to the horseshoe at Parkersburg High School Tuesday morning in support of a student who was placed in a box by a teache....

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Jan-14-13 5:25 AM

You need to stir in your own town batonmom.

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Jan-12-13 8:55 AM

No one thinks it's odd that this child has been called an animal and is accused of being a future school shooter? These comments are more disturbing than the actual incident. :-(

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Jan-11-13 5:17 PM

As to the greatest reasoning why each and every American should be armed some sort of weapons------- Two of the "GREATEST STATEMENTS" of all time - - - -

"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms." ----- Thomas Jefferson

"The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government." ---- Thomas Jefferson

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Jan-11-13 4:35 PM

Jaymz50-- Just a thought on the assault weapons.. Our forefathers guaranteed the right to keep and bare arms. In that time of signing, 1789, the weapons were the same weapons the military had. The purpose is so the people will be to protect against an evil government that has all the hi-tech weapons. Rifles, regardless of type of action are hardly ever used in crimes.

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Jan-10-13 7:20 PM

I dont own a gun but I believe that every responsible American has the right to own one. I do, however, question(not disagree with) the need to own military-style weapons as many of them have no place in hunting. As for the UN Global Gun Ban, it appears to be aimed at the international trade of weapons...NOT a ban on guns in our country. But, like every other conflict, the details are open to interpretation and much of what we read are the "interpretations" of others on each subject. If you want the facts, try to lay eyes on the original legislation and decide for yourself. It's a free country...don't let other people do the thinking for you.

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Jan-10-13 7:05 PM

from first article - - - "Dean said her son told her what he wanted to do, but opted to do nothing. He also didn't let the incident affect him. Dean and Richards said their son never missed a day of school or complained about going back- to school or to the class."

"I thank God my son was able to handle this."

"Dean said she has a lot of respect for teachers, but is concerned -******* based on the replies she has received from her Facebook campaign ****** -this is not an isolated incident."

(*based on the replies she has received from her Facebook campaign*)

This sentence says it all in my book, the mother doing everything in her power to incite the public. She has done a pretty good job of it, don't you think.

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Jan-10-13 6:45 PM


within hours of his knowing he was re-elected

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Jan-10-13 6:44 PM

BfromWV - - maybe you should read the first article, the parents and the school 'DID' meet, everything seemed fine until the MOTHER got on her highhorse, and started putting all types of post on facebook.

As for why the media is all over these types of stories, look up and read -- UN GLOBAL GUN BAN - - all of this media hype/attention is because of one thing, not just banning high-powered weapons, but a total ban on all weapons. Obama only has til March to prove to the UN he can ban/confiscate some weapons, beginning with high-powered weapons. He has already stated he will use an "executive order" bypassing senate and congress on the matter, if need be. Once he has broken our 2nd amendment, our constitution will be meaningless. And before you start screaming or posting your negativity on the subject, I suggest you google and read the the document, " UN GLOBAL GUN BAN " find out for yourself about the phone call to the US delegates to the UN within hours of h

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Jan-10-13 6:10 PM

If after it happened the principal and teacher had met with the parents and admitted the incident wasn't handled very well, apologized and said and it wouldn't happen again maybe this wouldn't have blown up like it has.

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Jan-10-13 4:58 PM

We could question whether the media attention to such tragedies somehow "glorifies" the actions of these shooters, making it a more appealing form of attention for would-be attention-seekers. Another point to make is that, as our population and it's respective percentage of mentally unstable persons grows, so does the probability that these things will happen. If only a teacher in California had a cardboard box......

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Jan-10-13 3:08 PM

Gee I see there's been another school shooting in California. And guess what-from the reports I have read the shooter was a student who was diagnosed with Asperger's Disorder. Just saying people....

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Jan-10-13 11:49 AM

I think it's about time PHS starts thinking "outside the box".

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Jan-10-13 11:27 AM

Since this episode has gotten so far out of hand, If I was in charge of the school systems, the first thing I would do is send out a letter to each parent of every child, advising them if their child caused any problems, infraction, disruptions, ANY problems for the faculty, other students in any shape or form, they would have to come to the particular school, take care of the situation or remove their child from the school property, and if the parent could not/was not or refused to be available, then children services would be called to handle the matter. It is not the responsibility of the school system to raise a child, it is their responsibility to have educational programs in an "attempt" to provide an education.

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Jan-10-13 11:20 AM

Madasheck, I sure would also like to see this email if it is true, and not just more rumours......x

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Jan-10-13 11:10 AM

MadAsHeck, I would like to see the email for myself. There are so many rumors and just out right lies floating around right now and unless you have a copy of the email you are merely spreading around more hearsay. If you have a copy please post it to the message board instead of paraphrasing it's contents. I may not like Mrs. Goots personally but I hardly believe that she would write an email with the words "fine and dandy" to her staff. The real issue here is that this should have been handled in a more professional manner by BOTH sides and more private manner by the parents. What is going to happen when this "story" blows over and the next big "tragedy" happens and all of the supporters move on to their next crusade? This has gone from speaking out about an inappropriate punishment to an all out "witch hunt" against the school and BOE.

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Jan-10-13 10:20 AM

There was a PLAN in place. The teacher had that plan, if the teacher didn't understand the plan that's the teacher's fault. "More training" = more money, that's what it's all about, more tax payer money being thrown down the drain. Why down the drain? Because any idiot would tell you that it was a beyond a "bad decision" to build a "bad kid fort" around a student. Has it been reported that Pam Goots AFTER THE NEWS STORY BROKE, mass mailed all the teachers telling them it was a fine and dandy and that the kid was laughing and enjoying the harmless little "bad kid fort"? The coverup is often worse than the crime, Goots should be removed from her position at PHS. She and the teacher don't need "more training $$$$" they need to find a different career if they are not smart enough to know this was VERY WRONG.

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Jan-10-13 9:36 AM

To compare a therapeutic tool such as a sensory diet to what occurred in that class room is like saying that taking a leak on an electric fence will garner the same benefits as electroshock therapy. Apples and oranges. Not to mention, those therapeutic tools are used by people who are TRAINED in their usage, not some teacher that was frustrated and used very poor judgment.

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Jan-10-13 8:35 AM

The question I have been afraid to ask is, Does this kid have-or has he ever had-access to any guns?

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Jan-10-13 8:33 AM

stephenmatthews you are my hero! Instead of "Stop The Abuse," we need to Stop The Wussification of America!

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Jan-10-13 8:12 AM

I cannot believe the many responses from this one incident at PHS. So many children being molested,beatened to death,abused by parents and family members, and if spend any time at all in jail, are released in public, just to sign a form as to where they live! It has gotten so bad that most kids don't even tell anyone about whats happened to them for fear no one will believe them, or because they are so embarressed. People in important roles that kids look up to such as, coaches, ministers, etc. the list goes on. Might make news one day, then forgotten about. This child would have already forgotten about the box had parents handled the situation differently. Something that might have had no ill effect on him, now stands out like a sore thumb. So the teacher made a wrong choice, no permanent damage done. Situation being looked at, schools aware, parents are aware, students are aware, and now with all of this attention, this poor child is aware and embarrassed.Let the system work now!

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Jan-10-13 12:24 AM

The real victims here are all of the other kids in that class room!! Teachers are NOT there to coddle children or hold their hands! They are there to EDUCATE! Did the teacher exercise poor judge? Maybe. Should this child have been behaving himself and not disrupting the classroom, if his condition is indeed under control? Definitely. We bend over too much to make allowances for individuals who will never cure cancer, be President, invent new technologies, or be the leaders our society needs for our future in exchange for politically correctness. When I was young we had toughen up or ship out! Sounds to me like this family crying wolf needs their baby bottles refilled!

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Jan-09-13 11:12 PM

So, did the kid settle down when he was "boxed?" If so, I'd call it an effective punishment. This country is full of pansies.

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Jan-09-13 11:09 PM

dad2three --- your are the smartest cat on here. I couldn't have it said it better. Look what our parents and grandparents did in this country and now look at what the last two generations have done -- not a thing and it only gets worse! What happened to all the mental facilities that can handle children with needs? Closed down so we don't offend anyone. Just so people know I have mental retardation in my family and lost two first cousins to MD. I know a little about disabilities and the ugly effects, but we still have to go on and do what needs to be done to bring this country back to the top.

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Jan-09-13 10:55 PM

And....For "your" information step son will not be driving a vehicle at the age of 16, because we believe this is far too young for any child to be stop making your rash assumptions please.

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Jan-09-13 10:42 PM

Well,boys and girls;put THIS one in your head,and think long and hard about it.He's about to be out on the road,driving a 1200# bomb. At 16,what does EVERY kid want?So,,,,for ALL of you cows with maladjusted kids screaming"he's ok"::Want your "babies" riding with him"?What about getting mowed over,if he flips out and it's not repetition;Let YOU heads do the math.


Follow ME on facebook.

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