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PHS ‘bad kid fort’ angers parents

Say teacher ignored IEP, humiliated son with Asperger’s

January 8, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Wood County parents are pushing school officials for accountability after they claim their son was humiliated by a teacher....

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Jan-08-13 1:29 AM

teacher will be suspended with pay...enjoy the vacation on taxpayers dime.

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Jan-08-13 5:23 AM

Appearently the son is more capable of handling his punishment for his actions than his parents, he apparently was not humiliated or dehumanized as the parents are suggesting. By his own actions not wanting to do anything about the matter, this tells me he was very aware of his wrong doings. Furthermore, their son has not "missed a day of school or complained about going back to school, or even going back into the class." So apparently if this boy has Asperger's Syndrome, and takes medications to manage it, and is in an IEP, (individualized education program) and has a behavior plan set in place, then something is not working. Which only brings it back to one place, the parents, take him back to the doctors, make sure his medications are doing what they are prescribed to do, and as far as this "behavior plan", does it include calling these parents to the school if their son becomes so unruly that the school can not control o the incident.

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Jan-08-13 5:52 AM

If this had been my child,the teacher and the non caring staff would be tied up in court until one of us was broke.This is no way to treat a child.This is an example of how not to handle a problem.This teacher needs to be removed from school with out pay for the rest of the school year.I would do everything within my power to see that this so called teacher never taught again.If this was your child you would not think this was ok.I hope the family sues the teacher, board of education and everyone involved.

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Jan-08-13 6:22 AM

I agree with "hindsight101," Well Put!

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Jan-08-13 7:01 AM

I LOVE this day and age; a malady for EVERY occasion,no matter what it may be.Sounds as if Mommy and Poppy have more of a problem than Little terror does,and in more ways than one.Sounds like alot of Facebook Grandstanding to garner outrage from the lower educated class in hopes of future financial gain.What a crock! This "My kid can do no wrong because he has(insert malady)"crap has got to end.Sounds as if the parents need some educating also,since the classroom does not revolve around just one.

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Jan-08-13 7:06 AM

Well said hindsight... thats what wrong with society in general today. Entitlement. Martin school was built just for special needs kids but no that wasnt good enough for some because they felt it was segregation. What gives them the right to bring misbehaved kids into classrooms and disrupt those willing to learn? I feel for the other 20+ students that has to put up with the distraction every day.

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Jan-08-13 7:31 AM

so you can act like an ass and humiliate yourself in front of your peers during class but you can't be reprimanded in front of your peers. Wonder how this excuse will work when WTAP has him on tape being arrested later in life. Hold WTAP accountable because they humilited him by showing his arrest on TV? Parents, he needs to learn that there are consequences to his actions. Being put in a box is far better than the paddleings we used to get and not near as humiliating as the old fashioned "DUNCE CAP". Maybe consider Special Ed or private education ... maybe parenting classes?

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Jan-08-13 7:48 AM

What do they cover in the teachers meetings, they close schools for? How to handle a problem in the class room or how to build a fort?

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Jan-08-13 7:57 AM

Was this an unfrotunate incident? - YES! Did the teacher use poor judgement? - YES! Should the teacher be fired and never allowed to teach again? - NO! Why is it in America today when a person uses poor judgemet, other people seem to want to draw and quarter the quilty party or sue for a boatload of money? I was embarrassed numerous times by teachers when I was a student, and rightfully so. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!

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Jan-08-13 8:17 AM

The problem is not the child's behavior, but the teacher's reaction to that behavior. This teacher was unprofessional at best and abusive at worse. And the administration did not even see a problem until the news became involved. The teacher and principal should be reprimanded and there should be county wide training on dealing with special needs children in the schools. This problem is more than just segregating one child in. A classroom. It involves a complete lack of respect for the dignity of a child.

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Jan-08-13 8:23 AM

Our teachers have gone from TEACHERS to babysitters. If this child really has these problems this bad, where was the "aide" that should have taken the situation under control, without disrupting the class. Kudos for the teacher, had I been there, there would have been a good reason for me to be fired !! I am tired of my children being punished for late homework, chewing gum and the little things and humiliated in front of the class, and a disruptive child getting this kind of attention. Maybe if the parents kept him all day at home they would rethink the punishment and build their own box. Oh excuse me they did they put it off on a teacher to do it.

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Jan-08-13 8:23 AM

This teacher and the administrators deserve a medal. The parents and the kid deserve to get a board across their backsides. In my school days, if someone misbehaved like this, such-and-such malady of the day or not, they got lifted off the floor by a piece of poplar or maple, and that usually cured the problem. These days, parents like this are a bigger problem than the kids.

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Jan-08-13 8:23 AM

So this kid is sensitive and was humiliated his parents claim, and yet when he tells them about it, they tell him he's crazy?? Must not really be too concerned! And face it, having kids like this mainstreamed, when they used to be somewhere where they could have specialized care, is ridiculous. How are teachers supposed to handle these enormous problems when they are NOT allowed to use any discipline that used to keep kids in check? Parents.....YOU are at fault for the mess our schools and kids are in today. YOU insisted there be no punishment other than, "Honey, please don't do that". So get over yourselves and realize your kids are coming out of school dumber than stumps and it's YOUR fault. And no, I am not a teacher.

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Jan-08-13 8:28 AM

I cannot believe people think that this behavior from a teacher is acceptable. If it were your child, you would not say these things. I don't care what the disability is, a child should not be put in a box!! EVER! There would be much more appropriate actions to take. Shame on the teacher, and props to the parents!!

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Jan-08-13 8:36 AM

WOW...I cannot believe some of the ignorant comments on here. I feel that enclosing ANY child with a box labeled "bad kid" is unacceptable- whether the kid has Aspergers or not. And FYI, it's not about parents wanting to "force their special needs kids in normal classrooms." I know a mother with 2 very young autistic children, and the school officials are the ones who insist on the mainstreaming. Wood Co. does not have a "special school" for kids aflicted with behavior or developmental disabilities. It's very sad and unfortunate that so many of you feel these kids are being "forced" on society. As for disrupting the learning of other students? Remove him from the room, talk to him in the hallway, if it's THAT bad, send him to the office and call the parents. But a teacher should never try to humiliate a student in front of their peers. She shouldn't necessarily be fired, but to blow this off like it's no big deal is irresponsible. Bullying by ad

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Jan-08-13 8:36 AM

anyone that disagrees with my last comment is an idiot. You all must have an agenda to support the teacher in this. Are you all crazy???

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Jan-08-13 8:53 AM

I am a teacher and I would never do that to a student. IEP's are in place for a reason,and the guidelines are specifically outlined in meetings with teachers and parents. This teacher, like so many others in Wood County think the rules don't apply to them and I speak from experience with my own children who have been victims of bully teachers here. My kids are "A" students and have been subjected to teachers who don't record grades, lose papers and blame it on students, teachers and admins who bullied and harassed until my daughter ended up in the hospital with stomach problems. The Board of Ed was aware, but stated,"if we opened up to complaints, parents would overwhelm us"....there you go, the attitude of no accountability goes right to the top. We need a watchdog committee to protect our students from teacher and admin bullies and a school system who would rather look the other way.

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Jan-08-13 8:54 AM

I think the teacher acted inappropriately but so are the parents. At least what the teacher did was in a semi-private setting, these parents are airing this child's problems publicly without protecting his identity. How do they think their actions are going to help their child now that they have singled him out as "different"?

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Jan-08-13 9:06 AM

The teacher's handling of this situation was in very bad judgement. Having a son with Asperger's I understand why. Those of you yammering about kids who aren't "normal" being in classrooms with "normal" kids are the one's with "special needs". Look up the definition of Asperger's, you really need to, to understand the gravity of what this teacher's actions can do to an Asperger's child. My son was bullied in grade school, middle school and his first few years of high school. Not ONCE did he ever wish ill on ANYONE. He would always say he felt sorry for them while I was ready to beat someone's a**! The only things my son ever brought to a "normal" classroom were compassion, kindness, understanding and messing up that grading curve for all the "normal" kids. Now what is my Asperger's child doing at the age of 20? He just began the Spring semester of his Sophomore year at The Univeristy of Tennessee, where he is studying to become a Civil

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Jan-08-13 9:06 AM

What kind of people support mistreatment of a kid? Bullies! An IEP states exactly how to handle issues(behavioral, learning, special needs)concerning that child. It is a process that requires evaluation and approval from parents, teachers and officials so they can all work together to help the child succeed. It is known that the child is not normal;that's whay an IEP is in place. And if the IEP was accepted and agreed upon then the school and teachers agree they are equipped to handle that child and their disability. If the teachers are not trained properly then they and school officials are at fault. This is a critical developmental stage in a child's life and how they are treated, positively or negatively, shapes them for the rest of their lives. We want healthy, educated citizens don't we? Because this is an important developmental period we need to take more seriously who we have around our kids. They need better training, consequences and pay. They hold futures in their hands.

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Jan-08-13 9:07 AM


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Jan-08-13 9:18 AM

Anyone who thinks this is ok is ignorant. The child already had an IEP and it was not followed. IMO the ADA should be advised of what is going on and the teacher should be removed from the school. There are so many issues with children with special needs being abused or taken advantage of and this is no different. The school needs to be sued and the teacher and anyone trying to cover it up needs to be fired. You need to ask yousefl if they hid that about a special need child with an IEP and then acted like it was not big deal what else have they hidden about your "normal" children that you are not aware of?

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Jan-08-13 9:22 AM

Does anyone else have a problem with the child telling his parents about the incident and his Mother tells him "he is crazy." Hmmmm wonder how that made him feel?! Geeeeeeeeeeesh!

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Jan-08-13 9:24 AM

It was MY kid who took the picture and sent it to the parents of this child, and I'm proud of him for doing so. My middle son is living with autism and his brother (the photographer) is more than aware of the bullying and maltreatment that my middle boy has endured because of his disorder. You freaking idiots that are throwing around terms like "normal" and calling for special needs students to be segregated?? SHAME on YOU!! Mainstreaming is now part of FEDERAL LAW because to have any sort of learning disability or behavioral disability has been stigmatized for so long. Not to mention, autism now affects 1 out of less than every 100 children. So GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSES, because whether you realize it or not, you probably know someone living with autism. What that teacher did was unprofessional, inappropriate, and just plain mean. That's BULLYING know, the same behavior that we NORMAL parents find totally unacceptable. As an educator, she should know better.

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Jan-08-13 9:25 AM

If this can happen to a special needs child and it goes on without being addressed until another kid takes a picture and informs the parents, what's going on with YOUR "normal" kids while you're not watching?? Get over yourselves.

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