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Man charged with grand larceny

January 5, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Terry Leroy Urban Jr., 42, 353 Everson Road, Belpre, was arrested by Parkersburg police and charged with felony grand larceny Friday....

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Jan-17-13 9:47 PM

ya know those who know the truth nd know he was caught on video dont worry about it ignore the pple bashing what u say and drugs are sold every where so who cares terry got caught end of story and he will pay for what he did

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Jan-07-13 2:30 PM

People are commenting on how terry doesn't steal well I ask you then is scamming the system not stealing? I think that a man capable of working when he is getting social security because he supposedly can't work is capable of doing exactly what he is accused of. A man that is also getting food stamps because he supposedly can't work seems once again capable of this act. I mean come on the man was blessed with a new liver yet still goes out and drinks because he doesn't care! One would think that after receiving such a gift you would take care if it. So I ask you are you really going to say this man is innocent? There is blatant proof the man is stealing if not from his place of employment then from those who really are in need or are disabled.

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Jan-07-13 11:58 AM

Well the 2% drug us in the club was based on attendance of the 50 or so people that went to "The Other Side". Had the club been ran properly by someone that knew what the*****they were doing that club would have been packed, but never was. No excitement created, nothing shown on the two huge flatscreens and always too dark in there. And the music always sucked. Nothing but hip-hop and the variations there of. You had an older mostly white crowd. Midnight on a Saturday night and no one's on the dance floor? Somethings not quite right any way you look at it. And yes I feel he's guilty as sin. OTherwise those charges would never have been enough to arrest him.

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Jan-07-13 11:35 AM

I have known Terry for years and these accusations are ridiculous. I am dumbfounded that so many people base their opinion on rumors and a news clip. Terry has been good to people and has never betrayed me. He was a bartender at The Other Side not the****n Cue. I think the information needs straightened out. As for The Other Side I do go there and I have not witnessed any drugs. It it one of the safest places to go and not be involved in any altercations with people. I am only basing this on what I know and see for a fact.

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Jan-07-13 8:55 AM

Ironworker, You are seriously deluded to say only 2% of bar patrons do drugs. Believe a LOT of illegal drug activity tkes place at****& Que and other bars in the area.

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Jan-06-13 5:53 PM

Well, all i have to say about this is that it is BS! Terry would never do such a thing!! Why is people always wanting to bring him down? I DO NOT GET IT!!!!! He is a great person who has always did what he could to help others out! He is a very well liked person! He would take the shirt off his back to give to someone! He has done soooo much for Parkersburg and sooo much for all the gays! Keep on hating people!! Karma is a ***** and will get you in the long run! All you are doing is hurting your own business!! This is soooooo uncalled for! I do NOT believe any of this BS! OMG im soo ****** right now!! The Terry awards are awesome! That right there shows u he gives back to the people!

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Jan-06-13 5:08 PM

I personally know Terry and he would NEVER do such a thing! I will be at every court hearing to show my support! This is just BS that ANYONE would think he would do such a thing! Look at all he has done for P-burgh guys!!!!! He is such a true and loyal friend and always gives back to the community!! I WILL STAND BY HIM IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE!!! DON'T LIKE IT TOUGH S**T SORRY!

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Jan-06-13 2:50 AM

I personally have never seen any drugs sold or handled while there. Majority of drug users do this deed before they come out to the clubs. Too many watchful eyes at the clubs due to their ABC license and cameras etc. Or they meet somewhere in route to consume. Only about 2% of club bar partrons use the Illegal stuff anyway. Let's know forget that Alcohol is a drug in itself. I've suspected Terry of skimming off of the top for a long time. One just had to watch him work behind the bar a bit to see that. And he always had a guilty air about him as well. Guess we can finally say good-bye to those silly self serving Terry Awards finally and that useless website "*****news". ha

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Jan-06-13 2:43 AM

The guy seemed nice enough, he didn't know squat about how to run a bar. He hired the worse people to work there. The female D.J. was horrible and the bartenders were just as bad. It was always the "Terry Urban Show". His true colors finally has shown through. Bad is, as bad does!

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