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Wood County officials mulling schedule

Dunn and Gainer want to meet less

January 1, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Wood County Commissioners Wayne Dunn and Steve Gainer say having fewer meetings and eliminating specific times for agenda items will improve efficiency....

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Jan-02-13 5:47 PM

Correction. Should have said commission instead of council.

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Jan-02-13 5:46 PM

More important than the amount of work that gets done at these meetings, is the amount of public access to the council the meetings provide to the residents that live here. I agree with Mr. Couch's observation that the public expects it, meetings encourage public involvement, and frequent meetings allow quick resolution to many issues.

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Jan-02-13 3:02 PM

Ooo, mulling, I just hate it when they mull. Seems like every time they mull, someone comes up with a hare-brained idea and the other mullers act on it. I think they should mull on their own time, about their own matters, and keep mulling out of government.

Mullers need to wear mullets, so they are easily identified as one that mulls.

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Jan-02-13 12:19 PM

Harry,the voters have spoken loud and clear;THAT is why your carcass is not parked in the commissioners seat you so desired for whatever reason,and I have to doubt if it was for the good of many here in Wood Co. The smear tactics AND the audacity to run your bottom feeding C8 lawsuit commercial right after your campaign spiel said it all loud and clear for me and obviously many others.BTW,many here use their own name,and you would know that if you check on the people you 'care' so much for.

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Jan-01-13 9:06 PM

I see accounts deleted sent another one to the dustbin, and is back with more drunken slobberings on how HE helps lead the county.Give it a rest bub,before you have a heart attack:::::::::: Better yet,knock yourself out.

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Jan-01-13 6:54 PM

He will just blame it on those darn 'Republicrooks' - his word not mine.

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Jan-01-13 4:30 PM

Some of you are no more than bull-headed want to be know it alls; however, the truth is that you know little! IF the meeting were all that there is to being a commissioner then you would be hearing nothing from them now or perhaps Dunn & Gainer trying to get more meetings! You better be checking your facts before you continue to look ignorant! Each commissioner also has other duties and meetings he must attend! These men would not come on here under aliases and write anything and not many of you can say the sane! As far as Gainer being a tax dodger they didn't waste their time for knowing better!

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Jan-01-13 4:24 PM

Gotta wonder if anyone except the nine of you read these comments, but I'll weigh in one more time regardless. First of all, nobody need ever wonder whether or not it's me when I comment. As you can see, I'm the only person on this comment chain who has the courage to use his real name. Second, if you really think that any of the real county commission work is done at the Monday or Thursday meetings, you have not attended one. Even Blair would have to admit that there isn't any "work" done at the meetings. The real work is done when the commissioners are not in session. Finally, I am sorry that "moth man" (whoever you are) disagrees with my use of truthful statements during the election campaign. I thought seriously about it, but the fact is that if one runs for public office, either election or re-election, he/she needs to have the backbone and courage to point out the facts. It may not win votes, but I don't need the money or job bad enough to hide from t

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Jan-01-13 3:55 PM

36,960 a year for part time work? I know several county employees that work a heck of a lot harder and work full time hours and get less pay. I don't care if they are elected officials they are grossly overpaid and the taxpayers should be furious about this.

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Jan-01-13 3:19 PM

I agree with North! Full time salary deserves full time work. If you can't do the job, step aside and let others who can and will do the job. Shameful

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Jan-01-13 2:52 PM

funny but ...the motorhome story was in the paper.. all elected official should pay their taxes especially if they are setting the taxes for the rest of us

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Jan-01-13 2:15 PM

harry should move back to charleston and hang out with carper

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Jan-01-13 2:13 PM

Wow. Making nearly 40,000 a year and can't show up to work 2 days a week or about 8 hours a day. Obviously, Gainer is missing alot of meetings, he should just resign as he has been pretty worhless. Mr. Counch is right on. Thank God he was relected! Dr Dunn I can understand as he is a doctor and time is valuable, but it is also valuable for elected officials to be open, accessible. If they run the meetings like a city council meeting then if they have a small agenda the do it and leave the building, rather than what they must do now which is work on other county business. If Gainer is not paying taxes, then he should be investigated by the city and the state. There is no income tax in Florida, so I guess that would save alot of money. Not long ago it was in the paper that Gainer had his expensive motor home registered in Florida even though it is parked in his garage on ohio avenue TO EVADE PAYING Personal property taxes. And the Assessor did nothing about it.

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Jan-01-13 11:06 AM

If they change the meetings Gainer could spend more time at his full time home in Florida. It is my understanding that is where the rent goes for his Mini Storage units so he can avoid Parkersburg B&O Taxes.

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Jan-01-13 11:00 AM

I hate to burst the bubble for you "geezers" but the real commission work is not done during the Monday and Thursday meetings while the three commissioners are sitting there looking at each other. Absolutely nothing of substance is done while they are looking at the walls. The real work of commissioners, mayors, and council people is done outside of the meetings when they are reviewing budgets, working with staff, and helping constituents. Everything that is done in actual Wood County Commission meetings could be accomplished in less than four hours per month. No other county commission in the state sits around and makes people wait for hours on end like is done here in Wood County.

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Jan-01-13 8:50 AM

dunn & gainer make $37000 a year. a majority of county employees make a lot less and they are expected to be their 40 hrs. per week. does this add up.if dunn & gainer don,t want to do the job that our tax dollars are paying for.then step down and get sombody that is willing to do the job. instead of crying O I JUST WORK TO HARD give me and the citizens of wood county a break. EARN YOUR MONEY AND STOP CRYING

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Jan-01-13 4:52 AM

Good idea "Geezer" I agree!

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Jan-01-13 4:27 AM

$37,000 per year for 5 hours per week and two guys are griping about it. If Commissioners Dunn and Gainer feel the commission will operate more efficiently with less of their input then I guess we should strive for maximum efficiency and eliminate both of them permanently...

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