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Editorial cartoons hard on conservatives

June 29, 2015 We all know that the News and Sentinel has always leaned mildly left. more »»

Music program changes not best

June 28, 2015 I am a professional musician and have been for over a decade. I still brag about the superb musical training that I received in Wood County. more »»

Guns don't belong in a church

June 28, 2015 I think most people will agree that the murders that happened at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C., were horrific. more »»

Band program plan a bad idea

June 28, 2015 I’ve been following the recent school board threats to de-fund important parts of the school band programs. Those proposals are all counter-productive. more »»

Weak anti-Obama arguments

June 28, 2015 I would like to congratulate Jim Mullen on his letter last Sunday. He has shown an aptitude for comedic writing in the past but last Sunday’s letter was down right hilarious. more »»

Who's next in the crackdown?

June 28, 2015 Today, the state of South Carolina is working toward removing the Confederate Flag (actually the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia) from the statehouse grounds. more »»

Rep did not heed voter's input

June 28, 2015 In light of recent scandalous events and reprehensible behavior from elected officials I was truly hoping that after this week’s mayoral vote we could move forward as a city. more »»

Helping prevent suicides

June 21, 2015 I haven’t always been a suicide prevention advocate, but I became one 21 years ago ... the night I discovered my 18-year-old brother, Jamie’s suicide letter. more »»

Recycling incident common

June 21, 2015 Regarding the letter from Amber Smith in Sunday’s paper entitled “Is effort wasted on recycling?” I, too, have witnessed Parkersburg’s trash pickup employees putting the items from the recycle... more »»

Government growth subjugates

June 21, 2015 In true Marxist form, Barack Obama preaches that the well-to-do should make sacrifices for the poor. more »»

Flag should always be respected

June 14, 2015 For over 200 years the flag has become our symbol of our nation’s strength and unity, and (today) is Flag Day. more »»

U.S. could feed the world

June 14, 2015 In keeping with your current newspaper articles highlighting farms, I submit the following: Why, given the world’s varying ages, including this digital age, did God choose two thousand years ago to... more »»

Editorial on meeting unfounded

June 14, 2015 Your editorial in Thursday’s paper appears to be largely unfounded, poorly researched and ill-advised. more »»

Is Common Core the problem?

June 14, 2015 A few weeks ago, a letter to the editor disparaged the Common Core State Standards. Many people have voiced similar opinions and are fighting very hard to eliminate i. more »»

Is effort wasted on recycling?

June 14, 2015 This morning while waiting for the trash truck to go so I could pull out of my driveway, I watched as they threw everything from my recycling bin and several of my neighbors’ bins into the trash... more »»

TPP should not be fast-tracked

June 14, 2015 Fast Tracking approval for the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, (TPP) should never be allowed to pas. more »»

'Win' may be loss for city

June 14, 2015 Recently our community has witnessed the nasty, evil side of politics. Only a tiny faction of our population has participated in this unfortunate travesty. more »»

Cuts removing rungs on educational ladder

June 8, 2015 Recently, I addressed the Wood County Board of Education concerning the changes planned for the county’s instrumental music program. more »»

A simple thanks, from a runner

June 8, 2015 I would like to take just a quick minute to thank the individuals who are affected by the local training runs and races. more »»

Dad's lessons key to hope for the U.S.

June 8, 2015 I read the sermon of the week in the news on May 30, and saw the answer to the question, “Is there any hope for the United States of America?” Rev. more »»



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