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Brown-headed cowbirds are lousy parents

May 25, 2014 When I walked to my office this morning, I noticed a female brown-headed cowbird perched high atop the tallest tree in the yard. For 10 minutes she surveyed the surrounding area. more »»

Keeper of the curve

May 25, 2014 His mind raced. It raced as fast as the high performance engine that purred beneath the expensive sports car. more »»

Plan a summer break in the backyard

May 25, 2014 The last week of May already. I hope you are taking advantage of each and every day of this spring season. It is hard to really enjoy spring when that old cold air keeps sneaking into our regio. more »»

It’s time to plant the tomatoes

May 25, 2014 PARKERSBURG — We all remember the commercial “Time to Make the Donuts.” Well, it is “Time to Plant the tomatoes. more »»

Bermuda sloop part 1, definitions

May 25, 2014 Until now, readers have been following my efforts in creating a shirt made from silk. But when I tied off the final strings of that last week, I found myself needing to move on to a different project. more »»

Memorial Day tribute held

May 25, 2014 I recently found this piece about Memorial Day, written several years ago by retired radio talk show host Bob Logue. Its words ring as true today as they did when he wrote it. more »»

Groups tend graves for Memorial Day

May 24, 2014 Resolution of Appreciation Headquarters Andrew Mather Post, GAR, Parkersburg, WV, May 30, ’89 The following action was this day taken relative to those who rendered aid for Memorial Day: “Resolved,... more »»

Infighting hurting Republicans

May 19, 2014 How strange would it be if during the November elections in West Virginia, a congressional seat that has been in Republican hands for years went to a Democrat, while another that has been reliably... more »»

Research seeks truth about life after death

May 19, 2014 When a person hears of a haunted location he or she tends to perk up to hear a good ghost story. Perhaps it’s just for entertainment or to be retold later around a campfire. Everyone does it. more »»

Ignorance is dangerous, not bliss

May 18, 2014 “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” said George Santayana. more »»

Beverly-Center’s Family Literacy Night a success

May 18, 2014 More than 100 children and their parents attended Beverly-Center’s Family Literacy Night May 8. more »»

Best place for birds to nest is in an old field

May 18, 2014 Almost overnight the old field below the house has greened up, and birds have set up nesting territories. more »»

Enjoy warm weather with new recipes

May 18, 2014 How was your Mother’s Day? Wonderful, I hope. If it wasn’t, I hope those who gave you a bad time remember that what goes around comes around. more »»

Show hosts release cookbook

May 18, 2014 Gabriele Corcos and Debi Mazar, the hosts of the Cooking Channel’s “Extra Virgin” have released a cookbook by the same nam. more »»

Tying of Loose Ends

May 18, 2014 The silk shirt project that I have been working on is nearing its completio. more »»

Wild food expert to receive honor

May 17, 2014 Edelene Wood is thrilled to be receiving an honorary Bachelor of Arts degree today from West Virginia University at Parkersburg. more »»

Headlines show impact of war effort on Mid-Ohio Valley

May 17, 2014 As the United States prepared for war, the nation rallied to support our troops and the cause for which they would fight. more »»

Who’s going to pay the bills?

May 12, 2014 As I’ve noted previously, West Virginians recognize a bargain when they see it. They also understand a bad deal when it’s offered to the. more »»

Seeing something, saying something

May 11, 2014 After the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks on the U.S., big cities across the country launched campaigns similar to New York City’s “If you see something, say something,” effort. more »»

Excellent education takes effort from everyone

May 11, 2014 Too often education’s “players” take the approach of “what’s in it for me.” Others are all about empire building or gaining more control. more »»



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