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Advertisement - messages printed in newspaper space that are paid for by an advertiser.

Blog - A type of article that appears online that is normally written in a more casual fashion than a news story. The News and Sentinel has several bloggers. You can read their blogs here.

Classified advertising - advertising purchased in small amounts. Advertisements are "classified" into categories such as help wanted, automobiles, houses for sale, etc. Click here to read classified ads from The Parkersburg News and Sentinel.

Column - the arrangement of a news story in horizontal lines of type. Also a feature written by a columnist that appears regularly in the newspaper. Some column topics include health, food, advice or humorous accounts of daily life. For examples of columns in The News and Sentinel, click here.

Column inch - one inch of type or space, measured vertically, one column wide.

Cover - to discover the facts of a news event for a story.

Display Advertising - large, illustrated advertisements purchased by those who provide goods and services, such as retail stores

Edition - one day's run of the newspaper. The Parkersburg News and Sentinel prints 365 editions per year.

Editor - a person who decides what stories will be covered, assigns reporters to stories, decides what news goes in the paper and where it will appear, and reviews, corrects and rewrites stories. Jim Smith is the editor of The Parkersburg News and Sentinel.

Editorial - an expression of opinion by the newspaper, reflecting the opinion of the publisher or owner of the newspaper. Click here to read editorials from the News and Sentinel.

Editorial cartoon -
Cartoon art that expresses opinions on the news.

Feature story - a story that deals with something other than late-breaking news, but is timely and of interest to readers.

Five W's - the major questions found in the lead of a story - who, what, when, where, why and, some people add, how

Hard news - urgent, serious news found in news pages.

Headline - words in large type found at the top of the story, summarizing the story for readers; also called a head.

Issue - all copies of a newspaper produced in a day.

Inverted pyramid - a methods of writing a news story in which the parts of the story are placed in descending order of importance, with the five W's in the lead.

Lead - the first paragraph of a news story usually containing the five W's.

Letter to the editor - a letter from a reader expressing the reader's personal views on an issue. Click here to read letters to the editor from the News and Sentinel.

News story - an objective report of a recent event or timely information. The lead paragraph usually contains the main facts of the story.

Page One - the first page of the newspaper. Click here to view today's front page.

Press Release - a specially prepared statement for the press.

Reporter - a person who finds facts about a news story and then writes the story for the newspaper. See our Contact page for a list of News and Sentinel reports.

Review - a critical evaluation of an artistic event, such as a movie, play, concert or art exhibit.

Want ads - classified advertisements. Click here to read classifieds from the News and Sentinel.



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