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Justice League #1

September 1, 2011 - Amy Phelps
All the world loves a reboot, or so it would seem with the amount of movies and old television shows getting remade, sometimes after decades, sometimes after only a few years or so. Comics have been notorious for relaunching titles, starting comics over at issue #1, etc. And now DC Comics has done the previously unthinkable - they have rebooted 52 of their main titles, starting everything all over again. The death of Superman? Didn't happen. Batgirl paralyzed by the Joker? Didn't happen. Crisis on Infinite Earths? Nope.

Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg all get to meet for the very first time in this all-new, all-different world that at first doesn't like superheroes in "Justice League #1" on sale now. Batman and Green Lantern meet in the first issue chasing after a criminal who may be an alien. Green Lantern can't believe that Batman is real and is just some guy in a bat suit with no real powers. Batman can't believe Green Lantern glows bright and attracts attention. Batman is dark and brooding, Green Lantern is cocky and full of quips. When the alien incinerates itself in the name of Darkseid, the two have no idea what it means, but suspects it may have something to do with that guy in Metropolis who is an alien too. Who may be a bit harder to handle than they thought...

Overall, the story was well written by Geoff Johns and the art by Jim Lee was fantastic. The costumes pretty much look the same with a few minor tweaks. I was left thinking if this had been an ongoing "Elseworlds" title to tie-in with a few others, it would probably do well for new fans who hadn't read comics before or who felt intimidated by trying to follow the continuity from the regular series, or for longtime fans who wanted to see a new take on their favorite heroes. But for this to not be an alternate story and for the "real" world to just cease to exist, I don't know how longtime fans are going to feel about the fact that some of the big milestone stories just...never happened. I don't know if longtime fans really want to see their favorite characters' origin stories again, want to see them meet friends and allies all over again. Will Superman die again? Will Batgirl once again be paralyzed by the Joker? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Will DC fans love a reboot?

"Justice League" #1 is published by DC Comics. It is $4.99 for the combo-pack that includes a digital copy. Look for the first issue of "Action Comics," "Animal Man," "Batgirl," "Batwing," "Detective Comics," "Green Arrow," "Hawk and Dove," "Justice League International," "Men of War," "O.M.A.C.," "Static Shock," "Stormwatch" and "Swamp Thing" on sale at comic book stores Sept. 7. "Batman and Robin," "Batwoman," "Deathstroke," "Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E.," "Green Lantern," "Grifter," "Legion Lost," "Mister Terrific," "Red Lanterns," "Resurrection Man," "Suicide Squad" and "Superboy" will be on sale Sept. 14. "Batman," "Birds of Prey," "Blue Beetle," "Captain Atom," "Catwoman," "DC Universe Presents," "Green Lantern Corps," "Legion of Super-heroes," "Nightwing," "Red Hood and the Outlaws," "Supergirl" and "Wonder Woman" is available Sept. 21. "All-Star Western," "Aquaman," "Batman: The Dark Knight," "Blackhawks," "The Flash," "The Fury of Firestorm," "Green Lantern: New Guardians," "I, Vampire," "Justice League Dark," "The Savage Hawkman," "Superman," "Teen Titans" and "Voodoo" will be sold Sept. 28.


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