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The Clone Chronicles by Phillip G. Cargile

November 12, 2008 - Amy Phelps
Science-fiction takes a look at humanity - and what it means to be human in "The Clone Chronicles: Dawn of the Clones" by Phillip G. Cargile.

In a distant future, Earth has become crowded and people have been chosen to reside on Mars and on the mining planet, Vesta. The conditions on Vesta are harsh, and the colonists' bodies must adapt to survive. But that adaptation means they can never return home, and neither can their families. Earth desperately relies on Vesta's ore for their power, and tensions run high. Eventually, war breaks out between the colonists and Earth, with Earth winning. Still needing the ore, the leaders look to a new method of retrieval.

Clones become the next step. Though there has been a shady past of using clones, including murderous clones who killed the scientists who created them, the resident scientists now assure leaders that an uprising won't happen again - they are genetically altering these clones to have the simplest brain functions and keeping referring to them as living machines. But some people are uncomfortable with creating a race of people to be mindless slaves, but Earth must survive at any cost, and the cloning continues.

Dexter Ruyac, once a soldier in the the Colony Wars and now a detective, still has crime to solve in the new utopian society. But a series of bizarre murders have caught his attention. He stumbles into something bigger - of super intelligent baby clones unsuspectingly being released into Earth's population by adopting out. These babies are being created by sentinent clones - something that shouldn't exist, but do. When a sleeper agent is dispatched to kill them all to keep it a secret, Dexter finds himself drawn into a web of secrets and a race of people's struggle to survive.

This book is a thought-provoking take on humanity and the cruelities it can unleash on itself.

"The Clone Chronicles" is published by XLibris. It is available on


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