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PASSWORD is a horrible password

January 28, 2014 - Art Smith

A SplashData study came out last week that indicated that internet users still have lousy passwords.

If you spend much time online you know you frequently have to come up with passwords. Unique user names and passwords allow websites to deliver customized content to you. It’s a great concept. You enter your preferences once and your information follows you around regardless of what computer, tablet or smart phone you are using to access a site. Simply log in and you have instant access to your calendars, story choices, shopping cart or whatever else you have done online.

The trouble is that a lot of people use really weak passwords. Using “password” as a password is just plain stupid. There are many common bad passwords; I’ll get to those in a minute.

A good password is one you will remember, but others will be unable to guess. Remember there are some smart people out their trying to hack you so you need to be creative. These tips should help.

Never use the same password across many sites. If someone figures out your password on eBay for instance, you don’t want him or her to be able to access your Amazon account.

The longer the password the better. Some websites require you to have at least eight characters in your password. The best passwords use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters and should contain both upper and lowercase letters. Instead of “lambchop” for instance use “1@M6ch0P” – you can remember it, but it will be hard to guess.

Passwords should not contain a complete word either.

A secure password will lesson your chances of your data being exposed online, so put some make sure you don’t fall into the trop of using some of the passwords from the “worst of” list.

The list of bad passwords put together by SplashData last week include:
1            123456           
2            password
3            12345678
4            qwerty
5            abc123
6            123456789
7            111111
8            1234567
9            iloveyou
10            adobe123
11            123123
12            admin
13            1234567890
14            letmein
15            photoshop
16            1234
17            monkey
18            shadow
19            sunshine
20            12345
21            password1
22            princess
23            azerty
24            trustno1
25            000000


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