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Grrr! by Mike Straka

January 29, 2008 - Amy Phelps
My husband got me into "The Family Guy." It was totally against my will, I assure you. In one episode of the adult-humor show, the main character, Peter, ends up receiving a segment on his local news called, "What Really Grinds My Gears" In it, he would complain about the things that annoyed him.

Mike Straka has done the same thing in his book, "Grrr!" Apparently based on a now-defunct column, (at least I couldn't find it anywhere) Straka discusses the little things that people do that annoy all of us. Like the customer who waits in line at Starbucks (Doppios in our case) and then has to discuss what exactly the sizes mean and then assures the barista that they ordered decafinated when they didn't. Or people who drive slow in the left lane. Or why celebrities seem to think that we care what they think about politics, as if I base my vote on what Cameron Diaz says. Or rude service people, or on the flip side, people that are rude to service people.

These people are called "Oblivions" and are defined by Straka as "a person who is so oblivious to his surroundings that he abandons all common courtesy and commits daily acts of rudeness." Let's face it, we all know someone like that and have our own oblivion-moments. So does Straka, as he admits.

And that's the fun it. It's an irreverent book that pokes fun at the little things. It's catharic to release those feelings in a funny, sarcastic way. It runs the gamut from celebs to politics (and doesn't choose sides, thank you!) and doesn't look back.

So the next time you're talking on your cell phone just a little too loudly, or yelling at the fast-food restaurant cashier because you can't use your coupon to get the free sandwich with your combo meal and use a separate coupon to get free chicken nuggets with the SAME combo meal and holding the line up, remember...

...Someone's calling you an Oblivion.

"Grrr!" is published by St.Martin's Press. It is $22.95 and 238 pages long.


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