Families, relationships searched in thrillers

New York Times bestselling author Melissa De La Cruz visits a wealthy woman on her birthday in “The Birthday Girl.”

Ellie seems to have it all — a luxurious life including a new home in Palm Springs, a handsome former actor turned TV exec husband, a great relationship with her step-daughter, and her other three children. She’s traveled as a model, made friends with millionaires through her life with her first husband and seems to have it all. But when she gets a message from her past, everything seems in jeopardy. Who is coming to her birthday party that worries her? What is going on with her company? Is her husband cheating on her?

As the author follows the story of Ellie in the present and the exploits of two teenagers who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks in the past, Ellie’s story reaches its tense conclusion. This is an intriguing domestic suspense novel that will engross readers as they explore Ellie’s life and past.

“The Birthday Girl” is published by Dutton. It is $27 and 271 pages long.


A woman’s lush vacation is shattered with the disappearance of her son in “Lost You” by Haylen Beck.

Libby is living the single-mom life after her husband walked out on her and their young son. With the high-priced sell of her first novel, she is encouraged by her agent to take some time to relax at a luxury resort with her son, and so she does, making friends with a couple there. But while talking to one of her new friends, her son sneaks on an elevator…and then disappears. The next thing Libby knows, security is showing her a video of her son walking away with another woman -one who looks very familiar. What is the connection between this woman and Libby, as well as Libby’s son? What secret is Libby keeping?

With a strong story that will stay with readers, this is one that will get readers talking.

“Lost You” is published by Crown. It is $26 and 306 pages long.

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