Get more out of your Instant Pot with cookbook

Stefanie Bundalo, creator of the Sarcastic Cooking blog, gives fans of the Instant Pot more to love with their favorite appliance with a cookbook of 75 dishes that take minimal work with 15 minutes or less of prep time, “Quick Prep Cooking with Your Instant Pot.”

The recipes inside include both pressure cooking and slow cooking, so you can get more out of your appliance – or dig out that slow cooker and try something different.

The book is divided into 5 chapters: Fuss-Free Meats and Mains, Comforting Carbs, Soup’d-Up Soups and Chilis, Beans, Vegetables and Grains in a Snap and Next-Level Staples.

Fuss-Free Meats & Mains include Peach & Tomato Bruschetta Chicken, Tex-Mex Chorizo Chilaquiles, Cabbage Un-Roll Ups and Turkey Egg Roll Meatballs.

Comforting Carbs include dishes such as Chili, Lobster and Vodka Linguine, Balsamic Burst Tomato and Basil Bucantini, Sausage and Peppers Rotini and Turkey Burger Helper with Peas.

Soup’D-Up Soups and Chilis include recipes for Drunken Chicken Tortilla Soup, Chorizo and Cauliflower Rice Chili, Hearty Chicken and Vegetable Stew and Eggplant and Tomato Soup.

Beans, Vegetables and Grains in a Snap offers dishes such as Roasted Vegetable Mediterranean Rice, Decadent Cauliflower and Potato Mash, Black Bean and Mango Brown Rice and Italian White Beans.

Next Level Staples finish things off with Perfect Shredded Chicken, Big-Batch Black Beans and Spicy Zhoug Sauce.

One evening I made French Onion Cheeseburger Sliders for dinner. I had never used my Instant Pot yet as a slow cooker, so I decided to try it. I also had never really tried cooking hamburger meat in the slow cooker. The beef slowly cooks with some French onion seasoning mix, and then after it’s done, you mix sour cream in it. It made a very creamy sandwich, that you can then add cheese and pickles to if you prefer.

Everyone at home seemed to like it, a success, and it is definitely easy to prepare, which is always nice on a busy day. I will definitely try this book again with my Instant Pot!

“Quick Prep Cooking with Your Instant Pot” is published by Page Street Publishing. It is $21.99.


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