Beverly-Center sixth graders graduate

Beverly-Center celebrated their Sixth Grade Graduation May 24. Honored for perfect attendance during the 2018-2019 school year were Katie Coleman and Chayton McCoy.

Almost-perfect attendance awards for those missing two days or less were presented to Baylee Campbell, Kyla Duskey, Tyler Howard, Camryn Huck, Alexandra Long, Treven Nicholson, Emma Richards, Julia Silvus, Layton Stewart, and Jackie Tornes.

Throughout the school year, these students earned ‘Student of the Month’ honors: September — Elaina Lang and Laine Spindler; October — Kealey Beehler and Ivy Campbell; November — Camryn Huck and Treven Nicholson; December — Alexandra Long and Layton Stewart; January — Julia Silvus and Jacqueline Tornes; February — Alexis Broomfield and Hayley Shaffer; March — Alexis Bishman and Braxton Ross; April — Kyndal Buchanan and Laurana Lashley; and May — Tyler Howard and Cole Shilling.

Honor Roll Awards for earning all A’s all year were presented to Kyndal Buchanan, Ivy Campbell, Camryn Huck, Gianna Kasun, Julia Silvus, and Laine Spindler. Earning awards for All A’s and B’s all year were Rebecka Boyd, Katelyn Coleman, Emmie Duskey, Coen Fouss, Maddox Huck, Elaina Lang, Alexandra Long, Madyson Long, Treven Nicholson, Emma Richards, Braxton Ross, Janessa Ross, Hayley Shaffer, Cole Shilling, and Layton Stewart.



These Beverly-Center students were named ‘Student of the Month’ for May. These students showed their Cadet Pride by going above and beyond in demonstrating teamwork:

Kindergarten — Riyansh Manwani and Bristol Sajdak-Lapan; First Grade — Ella Duskey and Eli Phillis; Second Grade — Austyn Armstrong and Abigail Hesson; Third Grade — Elle Eddy and Wyatt Erb; Fourth Grade — Elizabeth Mincks and Hannah Weiker; Fifth Grade — Julia Harper and Natalie Wakefield; and Sixth Grade — Tyler Howard and Cole Shilling.



The Summer Reading Program at the Beverly Public Library is in full swing this week with a full slate of programs for readers of all ages.

Tomorrow, June 10 or Tuesday, June 11, The Baby Book Worms group will have Lap Time and hear about ‘Earth’. Times are 6:30 Monday evening or 11 a.m. Tuesday. Tuesday evening, June 11 at 6:30 or Wednesday morning at 11, the Read-to-Me Club for children age 2-6 will learn about the Solar System.

Both groups are reminded to pick up their record sheet and collect a sticker for every 5 books read to them.

Every Wednesday is Movie Matinee Wednesday at 1 p.m. This will feature a free family movie with snacks.

Thursday, June 13 is for the Summer Reader’s Club for kiddos ages 6-11. This week’s program is about Galileo. Pick up a record sheet and collect a sticker for every 20 minutes read.

Saturday, June 15 is the Mad Hatter Tea Party at 11 a.m.

The Teen and Adult Reading Challenges began June 3 with 10 hours of reading due for students in grades 6-12 and 20 hours of reading due for adults due by July 13.

June’s Staff Pick for reading is ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Any questions should be directed to the library by calling 740-984-4060.


Sue Sampson is a longtime columnist for the Parkersburg News and Sentinel.