Amish fiction for fans

There are two new Amish books that will appeal to fans of the genre and long-time fans of the writers.

First from Wanda E. Brunstetter with daughter-in-law Jean Brunstetter and granddaughter Richelle Brunstetter comes “The Brides of Big Valley,” three novellas all set in Big Valley, Pennsylvania, with three different groups of Amish with white, black or yellow buggy tops.

In “Deanna’s Determination,” the ultra conservative white topped community is shown through Deanna. She has faced heartbreak after the death of her husband and looks to raising their 6-year-old son alone. But her late husband’s best friend, Elmer, has other plans and hopes to win Deanna’s heart for himself.

In “Rose Mary’s Resolve,” Rose Mary belongs to the black top community, and is seeing Tom, who is thinking of the leaving the faith, something she cannot imagine. When she befriends an English pilot, she starts to wonder where her future lies, and Tom is angry to learn that she might be thinking of leaving the community, just not for him. Where will she go?

In “Leila’s Longing” the yellow top community is Lelia’s community, but she soon finds herself drawn to a possible romance with a man from the black top community. Would she consider joining that community or will she stay in with her family?

These are all warm romances that will be a perfect summer treat for Brunstetter fans.

“The Brides of Big Valley” is published by Shiloh Run. It is $15.99.


Kathleen Fuller returns to her Amish Brides of Birch Creek series with “The Farmer’s Bride.”

Martha has a problem that many might want — the only single woman in a group of men, she is constantly being asked out. No man has sparked her interest, and she’s tired of saying no to all the dates. Seth is keeping his woodcarving hobby a secret because he knows his future lies in working on his father’s farm. And when a new resident decides Seth would be perfect for her granddaughter, local matchmaker Cevilla, decides she has the perfect plan for the both of them — pretend Martha and Seth are dating.

At first the two think its a terrible idea but finally give in and find they have a lot in common. Has Cevilla concocted the perfect excuse for romance?

This is a funny story with two likable characters that readers will enjoy on a summer afternoon.

“The Farmer’s Bride” is published by Zondervan. It is $15.99.


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