New books in women’s fiction

There’s several new books out in the genre of women’s fiction that run the gamut of subjects.

First from bestselling author Amy Clipston is “A Welcome at Our Door,” the final part of her Amish Homestead series.

Cindy Riehl is the youngest in her family and has watched her siblings all move on after their mother’s death and find new lives and loves on their own. Only Cindy still feels stuck in grief. One day when one of the cows escapes, Cindy is lead into the path of an English man named Drew. She and Drew quickly become friends, but her family become angry and concerned with the friendship, fearing he is leading her away from their community. When Cindy does start to fall for Drew, she faces a difficult choice — leave her community and her family and start a new one with Drew, or stay and forget about a love and life with him. Which path will she choose?

A sweet romance with an endearing heroine, this is a good wrap up of the series.

“A Welcome at Our Door” is published by Zondervan. It is $15.99 and 336 pages long.


USA Today author Wendy Wax tells the story of former friends in “My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding.”

Lauren and Bree were best friends growing up, so much so that when Bree’s grandmother who cared for her passed away, Lauren and her mother took her in. But then something tears the two women apart that might be expected — a boy. And the two could never forgive each other.

Now approaching their 40th birthday, Lauren is a novelist in New York and Bree has a family in the Outer Banks. When Lauren’s boyfriend asks her to marry him, Lauren wants back the wedding dress that has been passed down in her family for generations – the one that Bree wore in her marriage to Lauren’s ex-boyfriend. Will a dress bring the two friends back together? Can Lauren ever forgive some things from her own past? Will the two women find a way of moving forward?

This is a great story of family, friendship and forgiveness that will stay with readers.

“My Ex-Best Friend’s Wedding” is published by Berkley. It is $16 and 352 pages long.

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