Enjoying a roasted lamb dinner

Finally nice warm days and cool evening have returned to our area and the sound of lawn mowers cutting grass and the nice smell of freshly cut grass all along with the beautiful dogwood trees now blooming.

It is great for a person to have time to be able to enjoy the out doors and good weather but don’t get to use to that because (us) the same people will be complaining how hot it is and running for the air condition.

Last Sunday which was Christian Orthodox Easter unfortunately was not as pleasant as we were hoping for but we still had a dinner party of over 65 people and roasted a whole lamb on a spit outdoors.

I personally cooked for two days preparing all the various dishes which takes much time and effort to prepare. The children were lucky and enjoyed their second egg hunt and I am sure the neighbors probably thought the Angelos were crazy having the Easter Bunny and egg hunt a week later. It was also nice to see and visit with many of our sons old high school friends that I remember as young boys and now have families of their own and listening to some of the old stories they had to tell.

Everyone seems to have a great time and enjoyed the different foods and people attending the event which even consisted of Greek dancing to celebrate the resurrection.

If you like preparing and eating various foods like I do then you can understand why I spend lots of time when possible reading and looking at various recipes from all over the world.

Many times recipes sound and look extremely good but once you have prepared them you are disappointed in the final product… Anymore I can read a recipe and tell from the ingredients and pretty much tell if I will like it or not.

In cooking, always start by adding a little salt and the same thing with spices because you can always add more to what you are preparing but adding too much could turn out as bad experience for you. I know salt is bad for us but unfortunately when I cook I use a lot of salt for better flavor etc. (Like oregano for instance: a little pinch gives a good flavor to certain dishes but too much will make what you are fixing turn out bitter.) Cinnamon also can do the same thing as oregano and one of the families favorite sauces calls for so much cinnamon that I must use plenty of sugar to take the bitterness out of the sauce.

In the Greek cuisine many recipes calls for amply use of cinnamon in cooking and in baking: for instance one cookie I make calls for ground cinnamon and ground cloves and when baked the cookies turn out brown and then dipped in hot syrup which make them delicious which is another family favorite I make frequently.

Till next week..