One Tiny Splinter — a News and Sentinel tradition

A poem I was gifted in a dream … Happy Easter!


I lay there in a meadow,

My head upon a stone

A million miles from anywhere

Yet never felt alone.

Summer clouds passed gently,

Beneath a crystal sky,

Unarmed by nature’s beauty

I sought the answer why.

Why me Lord, I question,

You have been so fair

Never really giving me

A heavy cross to bear.

I’ve seen the down and outers

The very sick and lame,

Yet through their trials and tribulations

Give glory to your name.

Within my soul the echoes,

Are the silent screams I cry,

Confused by your great kindness,

I dare to wonder why.

From your cross a million tiny splinters,

Surely, I could shoulder one,

To humbly show my love for you,

For all the greatness you have done.