Mixed bag of books

There are two new books that will entertain readers.

A historical story of American crime is fictionalized in “The White City” by Grace Hitchcock.

It is 1893, and Winnifred Wylde wants nothing more than to be taken seriously as a detective by her father, an inspector with the Chicago police. When on a date, she sees a woman being kidnapped from the World’s Fair and insists someone investigate, especially when there are other reports of mysterious disappearances of women. Her father reluctantly agrees to let her be involved, so long as she takes Ian Thorpe, a policeman, along with her. Winnifred goes so far as to employ herself as a secretary for the lead suspect to solve the mystery. Is she and Ian in terrible danger?

With a lush historical setting and two very intriguing main characters, this is the start of a new 6-book series.

“The White City” is published by Barbour. It is $12.99 and 256 pages long.


Shep for mayor! In a story inspired by real-life canine candidates, a woman’s lighthearted politican race becomes reality when her border collie Shep wins her beleaguered town’s mayoral race in “Please Don’t Feed the Mayor” by Sue Pethick.

When Melanie’s dog wins the race by a landslide, soon the tiny town of Fossett is on the national map, with tourists and media streaming in to see the new four-legged mayor, and requests for personal appearances are through the roof for the duo. But there’s turmoil when Melanie’s ex, Bryce, seems to determined to win her back and a tabloid reporter wants to dig up some dirt, as well as Shep’s opponent, who is none to glad to have lost to a dog. Will the attention surrounding Melanie and Shep become deadly?

This is a funny story with heart and pet lovers will adore Shep the mayor.

“Please Don’t Feed the Mayor” is published by Kensington. It is $9.95 and 248 pages long.


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