They are watching us

On Wednesday evening, I was giving a Shale Crescent USA presentation to a group in St. Clairsville, Ohio. It was 4 PM and the sun was shining brightly and my car thermometer said, “-1°”. The wind chill was -16°. The last time I can recall it being that cold during the day I was either in Michigan or Minnesota.

The building we were in was toasty warm and heated with natural gas. Unfortunately, I don’t have natural gas in my home even though we live on top of a large natural gas storage field. Our house was built in the 1980s when we were “running out of natural gas” and it was unavailable. Fortunately, our electricity comes from coal and the John Amos Power Plant. My wife, Lynnda, was toasty warm. We will pay for it next month when the electric bill comes. We are very fortunate to live where we do. If we lived in a state that wants us to be dependent on wind and solar, we would have been cold and dark in these temperatures. Our wood fireplace would be working hard to barely heat a couple of rooms. What little electricity we got would be expensive like in California where they pay $0.25 per kilowatt- hour. I am thankful for the abundant natural gas and coal we have in our Region.

Recently Shale Crescent USA met with an Asian company that is making plans to expand here. They are in the final stages of site selection and are looking at sites in Ohio and West Virginia. When our 2- hour meeting finished they made two important comments; Their boss remarked months ago when they first suggested coming to the Shale Crescent USA, “Why haven’t I heard about this Region before.” Fortunately, using our information, they were able to educate him and convince him this was the place to expand. The second comment they made was, “Do you know that you are they only people marketing this Region as far as we have seen?”

We met with a large petrochemical company this week that is considering expanding in “The Crescent”. They were convinced about our natural gas and feed stock advantages. They understand our proximity to markets. They also asked a great question, “What is your vision for 20-30 years from today. If Shale Crescent USA is a second Petrochemical Hub. What will have happened.” Their question was about infrastructure development. They are concerned about things like highways, railroads, pipelines and the Storage Hub. We don’t need to have them built in order for them to expand here. They do want to make sure our Region is thinking about infrastructure and developing plans.

This company knows other companies will need to know about the advantages of the Shale Crescent USA and come here in order to justify full infrastructure development. They went so far as to do a detailed analysis of our print and social media marketing to see if we were capable of creating the needed awareness. They want to make sure we can attract more companies and were pleasantly surprised to find that we are reaching the world. They located 277 online and print stories “Shale Crescent USA” was were mentioned in with engagement in the thousands. Our IHSMarkit Study in March 2018, story in Chemical Week Magazine in June and the US Department of Energy Storage Hub report that came out in December citing our IHSMarkit Study, all got a lot of media attention and engagement. This didn’t count things like the Bloomberg TV Interview in June and Comcast TV Interview in December that went global. They were also aware of both of those events.

Currently we are in the process of using this awareness to set up meetings at this year’s World Petrochemical Conference (WPC) in San Antonio, TX in March. We plan to tell the World about our new Study 2.0. Awareness from marketing is what creates sales opportunities.

Be proud. Our future isn’t behind us. It is ahead of us. Working together we can make it a brilliant future for us and generations that will follow. It happens by what we all do day by day.


Greg Kozera is the Director of Marketing and Sales for Shale Crescent USA . He has over 40 years of experience in the energy industry. Greg is a leadership expert with a Masters in Environmental Engineering and the author of four books and numerous published articles.