Liberty is under attack

Well isn’t it nice to see the return of the “Fairness group,” trying to incite the same militant, rowdy crowd that took over Parkersburg City Council chambers last year.

Op-ed writer Jeanne Peters is a member of Fairness Parkersburg, serves as Steering Committee Chair of Our Children Our Future WV and is a board member of Parkersburg Pride. Notice that all these left wing groups have sanitized, politically correct names to mask the poison they sell.

She’s still selling the same tired idea that Parkersburg and Wood County are despicable because they would not pass an ordinance giving the LGBTQ community special privileges. These privileges would allow anyone of them who felt aggrieved to sue the alleged perpetrator into oblivion. Remember the baker and photographer who were bankrupted for following their religious ideas?

The writer then takes a driveling fantasy trip whining that talented young people are not settling in our valley due to the unending drone of hate. She equates freedom from tyranny to a drone of hate.

The truth is her groups, and other similar ones, are the hatemongers. She admitted when they tried to strongarm Parkersburg that there was no evidence of discrimination in Parkersburg, but insinuated that just in case it happens they needed this law to punish people and use them as examples to everyone else. The basic idea was to chill religious and moral freedom. The Parkersburg City Attorney admitted the law would invite lawsuits.

In the next example, she ties Parkersburg and Wood County to the unfortunate screed by Delegate Porterfield of Mercer County.

Ms. Peters fully understands that when you use aggressive Alinsky tactics to intimidate people there will always be a backlash, and the radicals on the other side will strike back. Plus, I have heard the same hate-filled rants from groups like the ones to which she belongs. It is also part of the strategies used by militants. A simple read of Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals explains the entire left.

Then the writer launched into an attack on legislators for not supporting the same radical Non-Discrimination Ordinance on the entire state as was rightfully voted down by our city council. She falsely claimed that four times they voted against fairness, inclusion and protection of all. In fact, they voted FOR protection of all, and disallowing a radical, specific group special protection and laws.

Ms. Peters takes another fantasy trip to liberal-land by claiming our legislators voted for explicit discrimination against LGBTQ children by using taxpayer money to fund discrimination in state-funded charter schools.

She reprimanded pastors next. If they don’t fall in line with the left wing liberal doctrine, they are telling children hatred is the real language of your church.

Parents who don’t sign on, she informs, are teaching children bullying is tolerable.

This bill would amend the West Virginia Civil Rights Act to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the existing act. I would like to thank our entire delegation — Wood County Delegates Tom Azinger, Vernon Criss and John Kelly — for upholding liberty and the Constitution by staunchly standing against the tyranny of the left. Too many times our political leaders bow to radical liberalism in this country.

Repeatedly, children and young people are cited as victims, which pulls on her heartstrings; but her heart will heal. Everything in her article seems written deliberately to elicit a picture of children being abused by Americans who simply believe in upholding their constitutional rights.

Any time you hear liberals say it’s all about the children you can be sure it is never about the children. It’s used explicitly to elicit support for their cause and obfuscate their true mission and goal.

It is a blatant falsehood that these are people who simply wish to live with the same protections as their fellow West Virginians. The whole concept of the fairness laws is to give special, unconstitutional rights to the LGBTQ community, not enjoyed by other Americans. It gives them the right to ruin people’s lives that do not ascribe to their leftist ideology.

Aside from the buzz words, talking points, violins, heartbreak, tears, disappointments and talks about “the children,” their goal is a radical left wing agenda, not justice for all — and nothing short of total surrender and acquiesce to their demands will suffice.

In closing, our local left wing activist gave us a chest-clutching quote about neutrality, silence, the oppressor and the tormentor. We finally have something upon which we can agree; that’s why I write this response. Many of the organizations of LGBTQ are the aggressors and the tormentors, and liberty is the victim. They are the agents of hate.


Jim Mullen is a Parkersburg conservative writer and activist, and an advocate for the Constitution as it is written.