2018’s best quotes that look forward

If there is hope in the future, there is power in the present. This is why it is so important for us to believe in a positive future. One of the best things we can do to help keep people off drugs is to give them hope in their future. A hopeless future can drive people to drugs, alcohol, suicide or other bad things. The late great Earl Nightingale was an author and radio personality who started the personal development we have today. In his book, “The Strangest Secret” Mr. Nightingale said, “Our mind can hold only one thought at a time” and “We become what we think about.” That is why we need to have a positive attitude. We need to expect success.

I’m at Walt Disney World in Florida this week with my wife, Lynnda. We are here for a short winter get away and a little rest and relaxation before heading to Parris Island, S.C. for our grandson’s graduation from US Marine Corps Basic Training next week. We met a young Frenchman in France (at Epcot) who don’t want to go back home. I asked, “What is the biggest difference between France and the USA?” He responded, “Here in the USA, you still believe in your future.” We also met a young lady at the Japanese pavilion who waited on us at dinner. She had been a student here for two years and was now working for Disney. She will be returning to Japan in a couple of months and wasn’t excited about going home. She doesn’t believe she has the opportunity in Japan that she has in the USA and wasn’t optimistic about her future.

I think it is essential that we all understand the opportunity we have and believe in a positive successful future for ourselves and our Region. Here are just some of the quotes I have heard this past year. I hope they give you hope and belief in your future.

Plant Manager: “We are only hiring 40 people right now.” (Note; these are $90K jobs)

VP: “Kozera, if you know any good engineers send them our way. We’re hiring 20. We prefer West Virginians. They are good workers and they will stay.”

Another VP hiring for a high-level position: “The first question our out of state applicants ask, “Is there anything to do in West Virginia?” We had to think about that,” he added. Me: “How about snow skiing, white water rafting, hunting, zip lining, Broadway plays, concerts, micro- breweries and college sports. A short drive to big cities without the long daily commute and expense of living there. That is just for starters.”

Multiple Plant Managers: “We’re hiring 15-20 operators.”

Me: “Are you having any trouble finding good applicants?” Plant Manager: “No we are paying $35 an hour.”

VP: “Our Business Development Manager left the company. His replacement will now be based in WV. This is a high-level management position.”

Petrochemical company VP: “Kozera, you and your Team have convinced us. We’re coming to The Crescent.”

Company VP, after a trip to our Region: “The whole trip was awesome! There wasn’t a bad meeting. We need to make the most out of it now.”

I have talked to a few who people don’t agree with my vision of the future. Their fears and concerns are not based on sound science and engineering. Most important, when I ask, “What is your alternative and how will we achieve it?” What I hear is a very dark future full of lack and hardship. Very depressing. It makes me feel like the young man from France or the young lady from Japan. The danger for all of us is, if we believe in a dark future we can actually cause it to happen. Henry Ford said, “If you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” I prefer to think like Walt Disney who said, “If you can dream it you can do it.” This country was built and made great by the dreamers and the doers who dreamed high, believed in their dream and then worked hard to make it come true.

Here is my favorite quote from last year; Me: “Of the potential sites for your plant, how many are in the Shale Crescent USA?” Petrochemical Company General Manager: “All of them.”

It is important for all of us to believe in a positive future for our Region and be the kind of welcoming people visitors would want to have as a neighbor. A positive attitude is attractive. We have a lot going for us. Now is our time. We need to believe and act accordingly. Make 2019 our year.

Success doesn’t happen in a day. It happens by what we all do day by day.

Thoughts to ponder.


Greg Kozera is the director of marketing and sales for Shale Crescent USA www.shalecrescentusa.com. He has over 40 years of experience in the energy industry. Greg is a leadership expert with a master’s in environmental engineering and the author of four books and numerous published articles.