Suggestions for your New Year’s resolution

The holidays feel like they are starting to wind down as we all begin to look ahead to the new year. It’s nearly time for the dreaded New Year’s resolution. Exercise more, eat less, more self-care, less overtime….the annual list that we hope will create the best version of ourselves!

Resolutions are great; goals are critical. We are firm believers in that! Maybe this is the year to think outside the box and draft some resolutions that have the potential for amazing impact.

Just in case you are still on the lookout for a good New Year’s Resolution, I thought I might help you out with a few suggestions. Some of these are harder to keep than others, but I figured I should throw in a few easy ones so we can all have a chance at sticking with it.

“I will support a cause that I believe in.”

It’s easier than it sounds. At United Way, we believe education, income stability and health are the building blocks of a good life. There are so many causes to get behind and so many ways to see your support really effect change. What cause is important to you? How could you rally behind that cause in the coming year?

“I will start volunteering in my community this year.”

If you are interested in volunteering, we are the conduit to get you connected to the opportunity that best matches your interests and aptitudes. Whether it is giving time to one of our own Untied Way initiatives or pairing up with a local organization, we can make it happen!

We can share with you about the needs in the community and tailor make a plan to help you give back. Volunteering is good for every age group and studies consistently tell us that those who volunteer are healthier and happier.

“I will spend less time on Facebook in the new year.”

You probably should…social media can feel like it is taking over your life sometimes! But in case you have already installed and reinstalled the app on your phone multiple times and you feel committed, then you should just go ahead and “like” United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Then, at least you can use the time you spend on Facebook learning about the great things happening in our community. You will find us at

“I will call Stacy and tell her just how much I love this weekly column.”

Aww, thanks. I am starting to feel the love! You can also tweet me @unitedwaymov.

“I will stop making New Year’s Resolutions.”

No way! This is too much fun. Besides, we all do really want to become the best version of ourselves.

We want that for this community as well. We see the potential and we are working hard to ensure that we see the MOV become all it can be.

As the year ends, we also think about the things we are most grateful for. Your selflessness is among those things we count as blessings.

We count each and every one of you who give, advocate, or volunteer among our heralded heroes. Whichever way you choose to support us, from the smallest acts of kindness, to volunteering, to attending our events, to monetary support for our programs, all of it is truly appreciated. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support throughout the years.

From all of us at United Way and on behalf of those we serve, Happy New Year! Bring on 2019- we are ready to go!


Stacy DeCicco is the executive director of the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley.