Don’t talk, show me

A good friend of mine was out in his hunting clothes when a woman asked him if he was a hunter. He said, “Yes. We like the fresh meat.” She responded, “You shouldn’t be killing animals. You should get your meat from the store where no animals were harmed.” He was so stunned by her stupidity that he was speechless. A great response would have been. “That’s amazing. I would like to see the meat you are talking about where no animals were harmed. Can you show me?”

Last week there was a public meeting on the air permit for the PTT Cracker. A friend of mine attended and told me that a man showed up wearing a parrot costume with a sign. “Polly doesn’t want a cracker.” Someone should have said, “Hey Polly, if you don’t like crackers show us what life is like without them. You can start by getting rid of your costume and plastic sign since they are both made with petrochemicals from a cracker. Next you can give us your car keys and cell phone since they both require petrochemicals. Your car is over 50% plastic.” The guy probably has no idea.

Even the anti-fossil fuel, keep it in the ground folks don’t want to give up their cars, cell phones and private jets all built and fueled by fossil fuels. They apparently don’t know that windmills and solar panels are dependent on fossil fuels. If they are really serious and honest about what they are promoting they need to show us and what life would be like without fossil fuels by setting the example and giving up fossil fuel products. We’ll all miss them on the internet.

The students at the University of Colorado understand. I was on their student radio station again last month. The student host told his listeners, “We don’t like oil and gas wells and petrochemical plants but we do like the stuff they produce. (cell phones, cars, skis, mountain climbing equipment, etc.) It does make more sense to manufacture them here rather than in places like China where there is no environmental control.”

Shale Crescent USA is working to bring a company here from Costa Rica who is recycling all grades of plastic. They turn it into a solid material that they add to cement blocks making them lighter and stronger. The blocks are being used to create much needed housing in Costa Rica. We met them at the Global Plastics Summit in Chicago last month when their company president spoke on the main stage. What impressed me is their process isn’t theory. They showed us what they can do by working with one of the largest construction materials firms in Costa Rica making these blocks for over a year.

They want to expand to North America. Our waste is their feed stock. They are working closely with industry and environmental groups. Their president was interviewed this past week on WAJR in Morgantown. If you want to hear the interview you can go to

Plastic waste is a problem. Our country was sending 40% of our plastic waste to China until they stopped taking it. Not sure what the Chinese were doing with it. Most of our plastic waste goes to landfills. The process Costa Rica is using turns waste into useful products, creates jobs and improves the environment. A win for everyone.

When it comes to creating jobs, we can’t just talk. We need to act and show results. Shale Crescent USA has been on the road constantly around the country for the past two months working to make good things happen and promote our Region. As a result, we are actively working with prospects. We have scheduled meetings and site tours with a US company from outside the region. We convinced them they need to be here. They are coming to the Shale Crescent USA this month to see what we have to offer.

We just got back from a quick trip to Washington, DC for a meeting where I got to meet US Energy Secretary Rick Perry. We need support from Washington in several areas, particularly infrastructure. I got to navigate the Washington DC Metro for the first time on my own to get downtown. I guess an old guy can learn new things if we are willing to get a little uncomfortable. The Metro isn’t as crowded as the trains are in Tokyo Japan where a man with white gloves packs people into the car just before the doors close.

When it comes to the environment, jobs, our Region, or your own business theory and talk don’t mean much. People need to see results. We need to show them results if we want to be convincing. Anything short of that is just noise. Polly needs a cracker.

Success and the achievement of a big Dream doesn’t happen in a day. It happens by what we all do day by day.

Thoughts to ponder.