Romance, history in women’s fiction

There is plenty in women’s fiction right now to appeal to romance and historical fiction fans!

First, Tara Sheets continues her Holloway Girls series with “Don’t Touch My Petunia.”

Juliette, one of the gifted Holloway sisters, has a magical green thumb, that she puts to use as a florist, with an eye on eventually purchasing the shop from her boss. And then the store is getting a remodeling update, and who should be in charge than her old flame, Logan. While he broke her heart as a teenager, she must now work with him for the sake of the shop. But with a flicker of a flame of attraction between the two, will an old spark rekindle or will they fizzle out once work is done?

With a hint of magic and plenty of romance, this will appeal to many readers of the genre.

“Don’t Touch My Petunia” is published by Zebra. It is $4.99 and 309 pages long.


A couple reconnect in wine country after their heartbreak years ago in “Right All Along” by Heather Heyford.

Harley thought she and Jack would be together forever – but he became engaged to another woman right after graduation. Harley left their small town of Ribbon Ridge, but is back again, this time wanting to buy and run a bed and breakfast in the area. She finds Jack still living there, managing a winery, and raising twin daughters as a widower. Can their romance start over again after so many years? Can they both put aside the past?

With a couple that readers will want to see their happily ever after, this is a great romance that will bring a smile.

“Right All Along” is published by Lyrical Press. It is $4.99 and 345 pages long.


USA Today bestselling author Colleen Coble takes readers to Revolutionary War times with “Freedom’s Light.”

Hannah fled the intentions of Galen by marrying a kindly and older lighthouse keeper, John. While it isn’t ideal, and John’s family doesn’t exactly like her, Hannah begins to feel at home there and love her husband. But when John is killed during the War, Hannah must contend with still running the lighthouses and dealing with John’s family. When her younger sister decides to come to stay with her so she won’t be lonely, she brings not only Tory ideals which not to Hannah’s liking, but also the attractions of Galen, who is also on the wrong side of the war. When a shipwreck brings a Tory captain, Hannah decides to help him anyway, and soon becomes friends with Birch. But it turns out Birch is not on the side she thinks he is on, and while recovering, the two find a possible romance. Will the war tear them apart or will Galen?

This is an engrossing historical story with plenty of romance and danger for readers to get hooked by.

“Freedom’s Light” is published by Thomas Nelson. It is $9.99 and 336 pages long.


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