Respecting our flag

When I was a young sailor, my ship was stationed in Cannes, France. During my first liberty, I found myself on the sacred grounds of the cemetery at Normandy. In a flash, all the stories my uncle had told me of the D-Day landing came rushing into my head.

That particular day the sky was cloudy, the wind brisk and that big American flag was slapping in the wind. The very sound of our flag and the sight of all those crosses was the only impetus I needed to humbly kneel and say a prayer. At that very moment, those brave souls gave me THEIR poem.

Tears are damp

on her field of stars

Stained with blood

her bright red bars

In hallowed halls

debates rage on

As they lay still

in fields of stone

We all must speak

for each honored soul

Who sacrificed

and paid our toll

So as she waves

this Independence Day

For all who care

we should stop and pray

That all who drink

from freedom’s spring

Forever remember

it is a most expensive thing

For all those overpaid, disrespectful athletes and cowardly sports announcers — our flag is not an inanimate object. REAL tears and REAL blood were the sacrifice for our freedom!