Go to the beach with the Amish

Get ready to enjoy your summer vacation with some new Amish romance offerings!

Wanda E. Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter continue their series with “The Hawaiian Discovery.”

Ellen has been sad since her best friend, Mandy, moved to Hawaii and left the Amish faith to be with her husband. While she was working at the couple’s B&B, now they are selling it and she feels lost. But then Mandy’s husband is injured and she is pregnant and needs help. Ellen gets permission to go down to Hawaii and help her friends. There she meets Rob, who is working on the organic farm. But while they both are good friends and feel an attraction, their chances for romance aren’t high with his odd secrecy and not being Amish. Will Ellen find a new life or go back to her old one?

With a perfect summer setting and lovely romance, this sequel with thrill fans.

“The Hawaiian Discovery” is published by Shiloh Books.


Ruth Reid continues her Amish Mercies series with “Arms of Mercy.”

Catherine is expecting her boyfriend of five years to propose, but instead is told to wait somewhere. She desperately asks Zach to marry her, but he doesn’t like her boldness and turns her down. Upset, Catherine leaves town to work in her cousin’s bakery in Florida. Meanwhile, Elijah, her old boyfriend, is back in town and wants to explain why he left 6 years ago, but finds that Catherine has bolted. He decides to follow her to Florida, and what happens next is a series of shocking events — the bus they are on breaks down, stranding them, and then the bus that picks them up is in a horrific wreck that kills many. Will Elijah ever find Catherine again? Or is it too late?

With relatable characters and a compelling story, readers will stay up late finishing this one.

“Arms of Mercy” is published by Thomas Nelson. It is $15.99 and 352 pages long.


Kathleen Fuller releases a new set of novellas in “An Amish Family.”

In “Building Trust,” Grace and Joel want to get married, but are shocked when her father tells her no. What does he have against Joel? The two must figure out how to win her father over to have their happily ever after.

In “A Heart Full of Love” Ellie is struggling against her mother’s control over her life because of her blindness, but now it has intensified again since Ellie is pregnant. Can she show her mother she is capable of taking care of herself and her baby?

In “Surprised by Love” Emily doesn’t want her mother to do any matchmaking, so she pretends that she already has a boyfriend in Reuban. But the two are barely friends. Can she convince him to play along, and in playing along, will a real romance spring up?

In “A Gift for Anne Marie,” Anne Marie and Nathaniel have been best friends their whole life. But now it seems that romance may be in their future. But just as they are trying to figure it out, Anne Marie’s mother decides that she is getting remarried — in another state. Will Anne Marie have to move away and leave her love behind?

These are all good stories full of warm characters that will delight fans and make new ones.

“An Amish Family” is published by Zondervan. It is $12.99 and 400 pages.

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