Shower mom with books

Shower mom with some romance books in a variety of genres!

A woman feels a bit ‘Gone with the Wind’ as she moves to Ireland and must choose between two men in “You’ll Always Have Tara” by Leah Marie Brown.

Tara Butler (heh heh) is a spoiled Southern belle who finds herself transplanted to Ireland. In order to claim her inheritance and continue her lifestyle, she must live in Castle Tasuildun for three months with the other two potential heirs and choose one of them to be the co-owner. But is this more than just a matchmaking scheme launched by her late aunt? Aidan O’Mara is an old friend and ex-soldier. Rafe Langston is a charming businessman who sees the potential to turn the castle into a hotel. All Tara wants is to see them gone. But has her aunt’s plan actually worked? Will Tara fall for one of her potential suitors?

A funny send-up to Scarlett O’Hara and her beaus but with a modern and Irish twist, fans will get the quirky sense of humor this book brings and be swept away by the romance.

“You’ll Always Have Tara” is published by Kensington. It is $4.99 and 298 pages long.


Magic through baking is told in a sweet romance “Don’t Call Me Cupcake” by Tara Sheets.

Emma is part of a long-line of Holloway women that really seem to have a way in the kitchen — and somehow bake wishes into cupcakes. Emma’s fine with bringing happiness to other people. That is until the day Hunter walks into her shop, and he buys three of her cupcakes. Because Hunter is opening a new restaurant and bakery that is her direct competition. And then he gets to split the summer festival contract with her. What will his final wish grant him? Emma’s not waiting around to find out. She wants to create a way to get him out of town and out of her life — but is romance working against her big plans? And what will happen when she finally falls in love?

This book will cast a sweet spell on the reader with plenty of romance and great characters.

“Don’t Call Me Cupcake” is published by Kensington. It is $4.99 and 277 pages long.


Amy Clipston continues her Amish Homestead series with “Room on the Porch Swing.”

Laura felt the pain of the loss of her mother a year ago and now her best friend, Savilla, to illness. She is now wanting to make every day count. Should she marry her long-time boyfriend Rudy? She isn’t sure, and she feels compelled to help Savilla’s widower, Allen, take care of their baby after he asks for her help. Rudy at first acts supportive, but then starts to act more distant and critical about the time she spends with Allen and the baby. As Laura helps, she begins to grow closer to Allen. Is she betraying Savilla and Rudy? Where does her path lie and with whom?

This is a great story in the Amish genre, with sympathetic characters and a story that will stay with you.

“Room on the Porch Swing” is published by Zondervan. It is $15.99 and 336 pages long.


A single father needs a fiance to keep custody of his son in “Honeysuckle Dreams” by Denise Hunter.

Brady is trying to juggle his life as a single dad and his auto repair business when he gets the news that his ex-wife has died — and his son, Sam, is not his biological child. Now he finds himself in a custody battle with Sam’s wealthy grandparents and Brady’s chances are not looking good. His attorney thinks that a wife would help his case for guardianship — but there isn’t a fiancee in the picture. Brady asks his friend Hope to pretend to be his fiance. Hope is willing to play along, but she gets offered her dream job out of town and can’t be in two places. While she loves Sam, how does she really feel about Brady? While both of them never thought they’d take a chance on love again, will they?

A sweet story with two endearing characters, this one will charm readers.

“Honeysuckle Dreams is published by Thomas Nelson. It is $15.99 and 326 pages long.


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