Truth Seeker: Seeking a different kind of paranormal

Today’s column is a little different from my normal ones. OK, it might be a lot different. But I feel I must share this story with those who have been following this column. Yes, normally it is about allegedly haunted place, sightings and even my own experiences. But this month I want to share an adventure that I had taken with a good friend of mine. He is interested in not only the ghostly side of the paranormal but he also enjoys the adventure of searching for sasquatch, better known as Bigfoot.

People for years have been on the search for this upright walking creature. Those who have claimed to have seen it state it looks part ape and part man. But what is this creature, where did it come from and more importantly where is it now?

One weekend my friend and I decided we would take on this adventure to search for this creature. We decided that as soon as we were off work we would make an hour drive to camp at a state park where sightings have been reported — not only sightings of bigfoot but also reports of hauntings, which made it even better. We met up with a few other bigfoot seekers at the park and they took us around a couple areas so we would know our way around. Then we sat around the campfire waiting for the time to go searching.

After it was dark we made our way down into the woods where we had been earlier and waited. We stood for a while and heard a few bangs. It is believed that these noises could be made by sasquatch. We had even tried this as well by hitting a tree with a branch. But as the night went by the darker it became and we found ourselves standing in complete darkness about ten feet away from each other. As we stood in silence I was listening through a sensitive recorder that amplified to allow me to hear my surroundings even better. I was also using a night shot video recorder to allow me to see if anything did come around. But as I was looking further down the hill I began hearing a sound as if something was rushing towards me. As it got closer I felt air movement across my back along with mild pressure. I turned around real quick only to find nothing was there. We turned on our flashlights and began looking all around but nothing seemed different as from before this event. In all my adventures I had never been as startled as I was when this happened.

Still today I am unable to explain what it was that I experienced. While listening to the audio recording we were able to hear the sound as it came closer then the sounds that I created while turning around quickly to see what it was. Was this something of the paranormal? I am uncertain. Does bigfoot exist? That question still remains open. But one thing I do know is if I ever enter a hide and seek competition I would like to have bigfoot on my team.