Cozy mysteries for fans

It’s time for some cozy mysteries!

Bestselling author Bethany Blake continues her Lucky Paws Petsitting series with “Pawprints and Predicaments” (Kensington, $7.99.)

Tail Waggin’ Winterfest is underway in Daphne’s small town in the Poconos. And TV producer Lauren is here to film all of the events, whether she likes it or not. While annoying Daphne, the two are also set to take part in the polar bear plunge as part of a fundraiser. While Daphne is cold but otherwise OK thanks to a St. Bernard, Lauren turns out a bit dead. Who wanted to kill the producer and why? Lauren is ready to help hot detective Jonathan Black, whether he wants her help or not. A funny heroine with plenty of pets and mystery, this is a cozy that will entertain plenty!


A new series, Kebab Kitchen Mystery, is kicked off in “Hummus and Homicide” by Tina Kashian (Kensington, $7.99.)

Lucy didn’t expect to end up back at her parents’ restaurant on the Jersey Shore. But after quitting her job in Philadelphia, that’s where she is now. And while her friends and family welcome her back, former cheerleader Heather Banks, welcome definitely isn’t warm. Not only is she nasty to Lucy, she is also trying to use her job as a health inspector to get Lucy’s parents’ restaurant shut down. But when Heather ends up dead right after eating at the restaurant, people begin to talk. Was it food poisoning or murder? Lucy better find out before the reviews turn deadly! With a great heroine and an interesting setting, this is a fun start to a new cozy series.


A garage sale turns deadly in Sherry Harris’ latest in her Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery series, “I Know What You Bid Last Summer” (Kensington, $7.99.)

Sarah agrees to run an athletic equipment swap at the local school gym. But while she’s ready for plenty of work, she isn’t ready to find the school superintendent dead. And while the suspect list seems to included everyone on the school board, including the husband of one of Sarah’s more difficult clients, Sarah is determined to find out who put her in the crosshairs of a killer. And she’d better do it quick, before she is part of a deadly scheme. With plenty of charm, this series will win over cozy fans with its wit and setting.


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