Noir comes home in books

Noir stories are told in suburban towns in some new books.

In “The Wife Between Us” Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen weave a tale that leaves the reader off-balance.

Nellie seems to be blinded by new beau Richard’s attentions, even though he talks about his “crazy” ex. Vanessa seems to be having trouble moving on from her cheating ex and is upset about the new life he is creating with his new wife. But nothing is really as it seems. And when the tipping point comes, readers will be shocked.

For those who like suburban mystery with spouses and dark secrets, they will love this one and not see the ending coming.

“The Wife Between Us” is published by St. Martin’s Press.

In “The Chalk Man” by C.J. Tudor, young misfits’ simple chalk drawings are translated into a horrifying message. Eddie and his friends find ways to communicate so the bullies won’t get them. That is, until the day that proves untrue and then the body of dead girl is found. In 2016, Eddie is a grown man working at his old school trying to forget the past. But when old friends reappear, so does the chalk figure — and the danger. Does he really know his friends?

A twisty story of teen friends and murder, this will keep readers guessing until the wild ending.

“The Chalk Man” is published by Crown.

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