Truth Seeker: Exploring St. Joseph’s Landing

Photo by Tom Moore St. Joseph’s Landing, also known as the former St. Joseph’s Hospital, is in Parkersburg.

Last month I left everyone hanging on where I would be spending Halloween night. There were a couple of reasons that I had done that. One reason was because I did not want a lot of people knowing where I would be, to eliminate unexpected visitors. The main reason was because I had one residential house secured to be, if another place was not going to be available. However, things worked out great for a couple of us and we were able to spend our night in St. Joseph’s Landing, also known as the former St. Joseph’s Hospital in Parkersburg, seeking out the unexplained. That is, if any thing unexplainable was happening there. This was a place that I had wanted to spend some time in for a while.

Our night started out like most other adventures with someone giving us a tour of the area getting us familiar with where each room and department was located. We were first shown the ICU, Intensive Care Unit, and then the TCU, Transition Care Unit, areas. When entering the ICU area I made note of what I was feeling. It was a very heavy pressure on the chest and increased as we approached the corner room, at which the pressure was almost to the point of making it hard to take normal sized breaths. I did pause for a brief moment and the feeling faded away. Later I found out the person that was with me had felt the same thing at the same place.

We then made our way to the chapel and then into the area that people have been asking me if I spent any time in. Yes, we made a visit to the basement to the morgue. This is an area that some people like to visit mainly due to the ambience. We did spend some time there but not much and the reason is very simple — those who enter the morgue have already passed and all that is entering is just the body. Even knowing that, I could not pass the opportunity of being able to visit.

Once we were done with the tour we decided to make our way back to the ICU department since we both felt the same pressure when we first entered. We had our recorders going and sat down to see if anything would happen again. After sitting there for a few moments we began hearing a low beeping noise. It would beep a couple of times and then a long beep followed by silence. We both could hear it but were uncertain of where it was coming from. I began thinking could this be a heart monitor that we were hearing? After moving to different spots in that area we were able to determine it was coming from one of the rooms. But we were still uncertain of what was causing it. After a few more minutes we were able to locate where it was coming from. My first thoughts of a heart monitor came crashing down when we realized it was a wall clock. For some reason when the second hand reached different areas on the clock it made a beeping noise. I am so glad we do not just experience something and claim that it is something paranormal without seeking out what maybe causing it.

If you are ever visiting St. Joseph and touring the halls or the ICU then listen closely, you may feel the pressure that we felt, hear the beeping noise coming from the clock or perhaps you may even experience more.


Tom Moore is a founding member of Mid-Ohio Valley Ghost Hunters and has been conducting research for 14 years. He can be reached at