Get cozy with mysteries

There are several new books out on the cozy mystery scene that will get you in the mood for the spooky holiday of Halloween!

First is a story of a cat groomer who turns sleuth in “The Persian Always Meows Twice” by Eileen Watkins, the start of the Cat Groomer Mystery series.

When Cassie makes a house call to a rich client, she finds his dead boy next to his cat. And the suspect list seems to be growing. When Cassie agrees to temporarily board the cat, that is when the fur starts flying. Someone wants to get their paws on the cat, but who and why? A funny story with a cat lovers twist, readers will enjoy Cassie and her feline friends.

“The Persian Always Meows Twice” is published by Kensington. It is $15 and 261 pages long.


A Halloween party turns murderous in “A Catered Costume Party” by Isis Crawford.

Sisters Bernie and Libby are going to cater a large Halloween party hosted by Darius Witherspoon, who has his own ghosts to deal with — particularly the disappearance of his wife. But he has decided to move into their dream apartment at Berkshire Arms and get festive despite the contrary. That site has some bad memories for the sisters as it used to the Peabody School where a murder has already happened. But when they are working the job, Darius is found dead. It could be suicide, that is until they find a note with a sum of money for them to find out what happened to him, should something happen. How did he know? What are the girls mixed up in? It’s up to them to find out before the event gets too deadly. A fun murder mystery with two endearing heroines and plenty of twists, this will get readers in the Halloween spirit.

“A Catered Costume Party” is published by Kensington. It is $25 and 314 pages long.


A wedding takes a deadly twist in “A Hive of Homicides” by Meera Lester, the latest in her Henny Penny Farmette series.

Former police officer and now farmer and beekeeper Abigail is enjoying life away the big city and murder investigations. When her friend, Paola wants to renew her vows to her husband Jake and asks Abigail for some lavender honey, she is happy to oblige. But after the ceremony, gunshots ring out and Abby finds Jake dead and Paola injured.

Who was the intended victim, Paola or Jake? Jake may have made some enemies in both his business and personal life, but one that wants to kill him? When a second body turns up Abby has to put her sleuthing skills to the test once again. With a lush atmosphere and intriguing characters, this story will charm cozy mystery fans.

“A Hive of Homicides” is published by Kensington. It is $25 and 259 pages long.


A chocolatier ends up dead in “Dead and Ganache” by Colette London, as part of her Chocolate Whisperer series.

Hayden is ready to reunite with her mentor, Phillipe, on a trip back to France. Her mentor’s business is about to merge with a competitors thanks to a marriage between the two rival families. But then Phillipe is dead at night festival. Is the family still bitter rivals? Is it corporate politics? What about the strange Paris film crew who has been at his chateau for a music video? It’s up to Hayden to figure out before there’s another body to find!

A sweet and savory mystery with plenty of French atmosphere, readers will be whisked away on an adventure.

“Dead and Ganache” is published by Kensington. It is $7.99.