Romance sparks in historic, Amish novels

There are several new historical romance and Amish romance books out right now that will thrill readers.

Kathleen Fuller continues her “Amish Letters” series with “The Promise of a Letter.”

Roman has been out of the Amish life for a while now, never truly feeling a part of his family except for his grandmother. When she dies, she sends a letter wishing for him to reconcile with his brother. Roman decides to give her final request a shot, but doesn’t feel like he will return to his family.

Leanna feels a bit of an oddball in her community — content to work and remain single. But Roman throws a wrench into her life with the complication of his friendship and possible romance. But is Roman going to leave town again? Where would that leave Leanna?

This is a warm story of friendship, family and faith with a sweet romance between the main characters.

“The Promise of a Letter” is published by Thomas Nelson. It is $15.99 and 320 pages long.


Suzanne Woods Fisher continues her “Amish Beginnings” series with “The Return.”

In her series inspired by true events, she follows a small group of Amish followers through colonial Pennsylvania.

Betsy’s life with her fiance, Hans, is thrown when she is taken captive during an Indian raid. She begins to think she will never return to her beloved and her home, and that is when Caleb shows back up again in the Shawnee village. Will she start a new life with a new man?

Meanwhile, Hans is torn up by Betsy’s capture. And Tessa is nearby to help him in any way she can. But will their attentions go too far?

When Betsy finally finds her way back home, where will her relationship stand, both with Hans and the Amish?

A thrilling historical novel with romantic twists, this story takes a look not only at the Amish life, but life in pre-revolutionary Pennsylvania.

“The Return” is published by Revell. It is $336 pages and $15.99.


Ann H. Gabhart looks at Appalachian life during 1945 in “These Healing Hills.”

Francine is planning to marry her fiance — that is until he tells her that he’s bringing home a bride from England. She decides she needs to make a new start and joins the Frontier Nursing Service in the Appalachian mountains as a nurse/midwife. And she finds the mountains much different that her life previously.

Returning home from World War II, all Ben wants is to get back to Kentucky and the mountains. When he crosses paths with Francine, sparks fly. But can two wounded souls ever find a chance at love again?

With compelling characters and historic atmosphere, this is a story that will draw readers in.

“These Healing Hills” is published by Revell. It is $15.99 and 368 pages long.


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