Participation crucial for Centennial Celebration

As we get closer to commemorating 100 years of Parkersburg High School at its current location, additional details have been disclosed on the different components of each night of the five-day long celebration, prompting escalated excitement and enthusiasm for what is to come of this remarkable year — although I’m not sure it has completely sunk in yet that we can all be a part of this beautiful and historic time.

Let me remind you I am a constituent of the 100th graduating class from PHS myself — an integral piece of this momentous time in our school’s history — and I still doubt how huge our impact will be. Of course, after I see the impassioned faces of those at this year’s first home football game on the starting night of celebration that stay uninterrupted until the concluding night’s events consisting of the time capsule burial, official ceremony featuring former PHS principals and various guests along with performances from the Big Red Band and several alumni choir members, I will know then my current dubiety is foolish. But this cannot transpire without your added involvement and support.

Do whatever you can. Come cheer on the football team; add a specialized postcard into the time capsule; anything.

The PHS Class of 1918’s Motto states “Let us be known by our deeds,” and we should do all we can to actualize that proposal from a century ago in this year’s commemoration by making it vital to come support the upcoming graduates and anyone that is making this celebration a reality.