Truth Seeker: Get permission before exploring areas

I am sure if you have been reading my column you have heard me talk about showing respect to people’s property and obeying rules and laws. And yes … once again I will be talking about it here. These are things that I have learned from my parents several years ago while I was a kid. But still today there are those who have not learned or do not care about what it may do to other people. Let me explain.

Recently, we made plans to visit a local train tunnel to seek out the paranormal — it is allegedly haunted. We try to visit here this time each year due to an accident that had claimed a couple of lives. But as I always do, I contact the proper person to receive permission to be there. After getting off the phone with the permission, I sent out a message to the other members letting them know we were allowed to be there until 10 p.m.

Not everyone was able to make it but four of us set out for an adventure. As we walked through a tunnel there were many pictures and words painted on the walls by vandals. As we exited the tunnel we went around to where the entrance once was of the tunnel that collapsed. We stood there for a while talking about the lives that were lost there and recording in hopes of recording an EVP, electronic voice phenomena. As it got closer to 10 p.m., we began coming back down the path to the main trail when we saw bright lights coming through the tunnel. This is an area that is off limits to motor vehicles. We decided to stay positioned out of sight until we could see what was going on. We could hear it coming closer then stopping every little bit. As the truck came out of the tunnel it stopped in front of the pathway that led up to us. We began thinking it was a group of people coming out to party or make a lot of noise. As we stayed hidden out of sight the truck flashed their top lights and we knew at that time it was the ranger.

We made our way down to the main trail and I introduced myself and found out it was the man I spoke with on the phone to have permission to be there. He said he knew we were still there since he saw the cars parked by the trail. I let him know we were on our way out when we noticed his lights coming through and asked him why he kept stopping every little bit. He informed us that he was stopping to pick up pieces of trash that have been left behind by others. One of the members in the group mentioned maybe he could give us a ride back to the cars so we would be out by 10. He let us know that he was not able because he was going to be stationed there for the night as he was expecting some to come visit without permission.

Things like this make it hard on others. Even though the vandalism could have been done by anyone it still causes problems for others. Here is a guy who had to pick up trash and be stationed at a tunnel for a period of time just to keep people out who were not permitted to be there. Plus, it makes it harder for serious groups be able to explore for the paranormal.