Journalism camp adventures

Recently I attended two journalism camps, one at West Virginia University and the other at Ohio University, to procure more knowledge and skills in how to successfully become a reliable media reporter–my overall career goal. Going into both camps I didn’t know what to expect but coming away from them with such irreplaceable and incomparable information, I now know I made one of the best choices of my life.

At WVU, one of my best friends, Jade, tagged along with me and we got to experience a little bit of everything that’s considered a part of journalism. We went from a main focus on writing the first day to photography and broadcasting the next, and public relations to wrap it all up. I don’t think I even took that many notes in my anatomy class as I did during those three days. We rushed around a lot and it was certainly stressful but it was definitely worth it looking back on it.

Unfortunately Jade couldn’t make it to the OU camp but I had so many incredible experiences. Unlike at WVU, we got to choose a specific track of journalism we wanted to learn more about so I picked magazine reporting. From having a 54-minute-long interview with a Hungarian journalist to getting helpful tips from a former editor of the magazine Glamour, I can honestly say I gained a profound understanding of everything magazine. It genuinely was the time of my life and I can’t wait to see what I can do with everything I learned.

I think the most nerve-wracking thing about working in journalism is the fear of being rejected. Perhaps the most useful piece of advice I acquired from these camps (and this applies to all aspects of life, not just reporting) was a seemingly simple statement that will always remain with me: all you have to do is just form a conjecture on what would you would do if you weren’t afraid–and then go accomplish it.